I don't wanna be you anymore - Billie Eilish (cover) by aidarojaswriter

in #dtube3 years ago (edited)

Buenas buenas steemians!

No, mi desaparición no era por la baja del steem. Era por mi escaso internet y por mi imposibilidad de subir cosas a Dtube gracias a ello. Estoy feliz de anunciarles que pronto comienza un nuevo ciclo de covers súper maravilloso, donde estaré retándome un poquito más en cada vídeo. Extrañaba subir cositas a Dtube, espero que este cover les encante!

Esta es una de mis canciones favoritas en la vida, por su sencillez, su letra y la melodía, por supuesto. Cualquiera en su sano juicio que haya escuchado Billie Eilish probablemente cayó enamoradísimo como yo. Es por eso que decidí hacerle una versión (espero que le haga justicia), y pronto estaré subiendo más covers y participaciones en concursos!

PD2: Por fin se subió el vídeo después de 4 días intentando!!

Gracias por leer!!

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C U agn

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Awesome cover young lady 👌👌

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Thanks awesome young man!

I have never heard this song before
But I have just fallen in love with it thanks to you
Beautiful <3

Oh god! Thanks! you have to hear the original song, you gonna fall in love


You did an amazing job of it :)

Hi @aidarojaswriter I know it's disrespectful to write here, in this publication, but I do not see another way. My name is José Coraspe and together with my colleagues I have a group called Primera Fila. This group will give a pop music concert in December and I had an idea, absurd from some points of view, in which I ask some people to make a video clip inviting people for that concert, and as Steemit has been a great help for us I thought about asking that help from the most influential people of this platform, and for me you are ... I know it is absurd but nothing I lose with trying, I hope your answer ... We are from Venezuela

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awesome voice you got my vote

Oh my...

this song is awesome and your cover is sooo beautiful!

I love your voice and the emotions you are transporting with your words...
This is absolutely #awesomediycontent which should be supported by @diytube.
I like also the camera and editing work for this. Just super cool inspiring content.

Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

Thanks for this! Im going to upload more videos like this. The work on the camera was from @exzorltg <3

genial, me encantó!!!!

Daniii, que honor tenerte por acá corazon! Muchísimas gracias!!!!

Great song. Keep it up!

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This is my first time hearing this song.

Excellence! Your voice. I love it., :) do more covers, my lady 😉

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