Transparent Delegations

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@aggroed walks you through the thought process and the behind the scenes action of how his Witness Steem Power is used on the system.
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► Watch Source (IPFS)


Thanks for this post and the insight into Witnesses and Delegation, @aggroed. As a new member of Steem, I am still learning about all of the different facets that propel this community forward.

I'm going to have to do more homework on the whole Witness aspect but as I understand it, they are charged with keeping the blockchain secure. So based on that one tidbit, thanks for your efforts!

I have upvoted this post and followed you so that I may see more of your posts and increase my understanding of this system. Feel free to follow me back.

Thanks again, and good luck on Steem!

I think you may now be eligible for the Shane and Muxxy contest. :) Thanks for this inside look!

This is great to have Steemit explanations videos. Thanks @aggroed

Good information for me. But I have one question, how to be degelation?

We run contests! Fastest way to get delegation. Otherwise you can rent it from @minnowbooster

I really love this update and hope other witnesses learn to delegate as often or as much as you do. Thank Aggroed!

We all serve different purposes here. I'm not sure they all need to do this, but I'm glad at least one of them does :)

Gud job aggroed!!

That's a very similar strategy to my own. A little Steem to a lot of busy steemians does more than me hoarding the steem myself.

Wow buddy you really are an awesome role model for those coming through. I had no idea you had delegated so much to so many.
It's nice to put a voice to the Optimus Prime avatar.
FYI My Mrs thinks you sound like Johnny Mac! Which is great as he is a legend too. Thanks for everything you do mate.

Well done Aggroed... interesting video, with so many delegates.

Cheers !!

Thanks for the overview. It was the push I needed to finally download Vessel. The interface for managing delegations looked very helpful. I have delegations across 7 of the MSP bots, as well as @Commentwealth and my slave-driving investor. This really helps out.

I freakin' love it. @jesta is a seriously talented individual.

Very interesting video to have explanations. More important informations to me. @aggroed

That's cool. That's why your at top twenty, you ain't scared to help others rise. Nice work :)

Really great to see how you are using your SP and showing it openly to the community.

Keep going stronger!

After talking with @heimindanger, I made a post with the latest stats of DTube and how well it is competing with Youtube. Do check it out! You are part of the stats @aggroed :)

Cheers XD

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Good information for me

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