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Why blockchain? Why Steem? Why Steem-Engine? Also some nice spoilers of what's coming next for Steem-engine (hint, NFTs and USD transactions).

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It would be great if USD transactions could be made for small amounts and low fees. Not too many options for that these days.

Thanks for all your work.
I work on the RPG side of Steem and our community is small.
We really could use NFT’s as we have to do it all manually right now.

Thanks for the update.

Appreciate your putting this part of Steemfest up again, listened to it on life stream at the time, now to share with those who missed it completely. Another reason is there is a lot of points missed the first time around.

Great explanations! Love that one of my posts was showing in the palnet screenshot :-p

Very informative video. Good to see what is coming in the future. You and your team have done a lot of good work in the past, creating added value for Steem.

I have an experimental project adding value to SteemMonster cards, at @nftwav, and I look forward to seeing what we all can do with NFTs on Steem-Engine.

This is Proof that we're in the right place. Keep it up.. I'm Inspired.

USD transactions would be great for making an easy transition to cryptocurrency

And people are still saying that Steem Engine tokens and Smart Media Tokens aren’t going to be directly competing LOL... I would honestly be amazed if SMTs has as many things going for them as SETs... Bravo guys

Thanks for the post.

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