Steemification of Social Media (the recorded conversation)

in dtube •  11 months ago

I'll add more detailed thoughts to the live broadcast later, but we had an extremely healthy conversation with Steemit, developers, and content creators. Literally millions of subscribers from all walks of life were represented by about 10 content creators and Dtube and Dsound were talked about.

We talked some about the struggles of coming over to Steem, starting a channel, and some of the differences between this community and others, in particular how kindness has incentive on Steem.

It was fun having so many talented people on and I'm grateful for the folks that listened in live (we had around 100 live). I'm looking forward to a great 2018 and seeing a greatly expanded steemiverse of content creators!

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Think that was great conversation, first thanks to you for sharing basic part about this, and wait for your details about, and obviously gratitude to #Dtube and #Dsounds, @aggroed

It was a great call, thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm going to listen in more often. I've followed everyone of the speakers. Let's work together and help grow Steemit into a powerhouse. We ALL have a vested interest in it's success. If we want that to happen we can make it happen!


I have seen several other intelligent people predict huge prices in the future per steem. I, of course really hope those predictions are right!

But we must never forget the responsibility we have now as this community to make a steem a welcoming and positive place. I think we are important for the future success of the steem blockchain, so we need to keep making a steemit a great place for interactions. i love steemit

Unfortunately, I could only listen to the first 1/2 hour before having to disconnect. Yet, during this time, it was inspiring to hear the impression of successful YT content creators when moving to Steemit.

I also discovered Carey (@careywedler), and just now checked a few of her vids. Interesting young woman to follow. I wish her well on the platform.

Thank you @aggroed for informing us of this discussion. btw, I voted for you as a witness today. You've got a new fan! :-)

Thank you @aggroed for all you do for Steemit!

Thanks to you and the community, Steemit visits in December are up 80% compared to November! 34mn people have been on the website !

Check all the Datas here: Steemit Statistics & Big Data: 🚀 End of 2017 Update 🚀

It promises to be a great year for Steem and Steemit. We need content creators from across the spectrum. The majority currently talk about crypto (which I personally like) but if we are ever to break into the mass market, we need to heavily diversify!

I followed most of your post last year, i see you are not relenting in your effort, i know this year will be better than 2017, because of the mass awareness being created for steemit

Thanks for your effort towards making my steemit community great

The Dtube video is not playing....I'll keep trying to open it. Do you have a YouTube channel where you post your videos there too?

its informative.i like this..
thanks for sharing......

beautiful like your job.thank you so much!

I'll be waiting for more details, then ;-)

Dont worry your 2018 will be awesome. Thanks for sharing and continue your good work

Thanks so very much for your kind and affectionate words.

I'm looking forward to a great 2018 and seeing a greatly expanded steemiverse of content creators!

Indeed 2018 looks a year of Financial and Sociological Strength as a whole.

May they Creator shower his blessings upon us all.

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

Thanks again for your awesome contribution! Looking forward for more in the future! :)

congratulation and thank you for taking some pain for the users
best wishes dear


good job...

nice post friends with beautiful article.

I joined at the ending of last year. I just checked out your blog and I sure am going to be frequent here professor :)

This is amazing. Thanks for sharing

@aggroed thats impressive 2hours talk time the good way you explain the thing and advices of peoples good move the way of more growup on steemit im also a youtuber and now also join the steemit day by day steemit is spreading and growing as well.

2018 indeed is going to be the year of STEEMIT. Of this I'm sure. the number of people that have signified interest alone is something to shout about.

I wont be surprised when we hit the 1 millkion mark before first quarter is over.

Thanks for sharing the post about Dtube channel. As I am new here I see few videos about the video about cryptocurrency. By your post I have come to know some information about Dtube.

I hope more and more people will find out about Steem and come on over!!

It was A W E S O M E! Everybody was so warm & helpful. Can't wait for the next one!

That was fun man. I was hoping more for a little bit of a guided roadmap but it's really hard to tell where things are going anywhere. I am wondering if people have some thought's on what they think would improve DTube and they don't want to flood heimendanger what's a better way to get ideas on his radar?

In listening to this it seems there needs to be a better way to count views of posts and videos. I don't care so much about the votes. I want to know how many people viewed my content over time for analysis.

does facebooks comments of looking into crypto currency mean he is going to attempt to steal this model ? zuckerberg's model has really destroyed communication, everyone has their face in the phone and i say hello in person and i am the creep ? who knew ha

That's great I'm sharing as much as I can

@aggroed did you posted on Dsound too?

I am not able to watch videos