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I (@aggroed) host a star studded cast and ask @elipowell about Steemit's progress on Smart Media Tokens and Communities (similar to sub-reddit's or facebook groups).

Then in the second part of the show I ask the witnesses to introduce themselves, what they're working on, and what's the most important thing for us to be working on for the chain.

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Nice work @aggroed, The other thing that we need on this chain ASAP are light accounts. this is how we can easily get our SMT's into the hands of non steem users or people who do not yet have a steem account

I've thought about this for some time and eliminating the reward pool on steem makes a lot of sense. I am not sure how that would impact prices as its the main driver to hold steem in the first place as of right now, but perhaps the decrease in new supply would potentially offset this over time?

Making steem simply a base layer with minimal inflation (1%) while letting all the SMT projects take on the POB stuff seems like the best way to go to me overall...

The negatives would be less demand for steem at least initially, and it would likely cement the witnesses in their current spots.. sort of the problem that EOS block producers face...

Overall though I have a feeling that the current setup is not likely to succeed in the long term and I think making this change is probably the right one to make for the long term sustainability of steem.

Eliminating is a much more severe approach as opposed to simply decreasing the inflation of steem that is going into the pool.

However gotta get RC delegation pools time to get up and running AND you need to see how well OTHER reward pools with different SMTs do. Maybe allowing tons of those to exist and trying tons of equations to the system will teach us if there is a system that works really nicely. No need right now to make drastic changes until we allow new system test the waters for a new and better direction to go.

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Once we get through these next hard forks, new/more exchange listings! :)

Thank you for sharing this interview Sir. Happy found this information.

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Wow, already talking about things after hardfork for SMTs . Nice

Good point about skins, I love Steempeak just cause it looks much more slick. Used to love the look of Steemit but not any more.

Really enjoyed that. Thanks heaps to everyone involved. Eli, hope your throat's feeling better.
Lots to absorb there. I lean toward Yaba's suggestion, that the base layer is pretty much complete when SMTs are rolled out, at least for the foreseeable.

Excellent questions and great suggestions you bring up @aggroed!