AGFA Highlights from 2019 so far

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Hello everyone, Team Andre is here again to bring you yet another exciting update. As you all know that @AGFAcademy is a legacy-oriented project and that is why we make it a point to share it with you whenever a new milestone is climbed. So today, we will be showing you some highlights which are basically a summary of the most remarkable set videos that have been created by trainees of AGFAcademy from over 40 countries since we started in November 2018.

It is good to let you know that you can also join us on Discord today!

▶️ DTube

Hands down the coolest video ever posted on d.Tube and one of the most inspiring posts on Steem! #blockchain4good :D

What @agfacademy and @oracle-d have achieved is outstanding!

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Wow, this is amazing. Well done to all of the people taking part and all of the people supporting this initiative.

Couldn't have been achieve without the countless hours of input from steemians like you @honeybee!

That's just the sincere truth.

Any initiative that tries to equalize the level of sports skills between continents deserves recognition, so people like you should be as much as possible

This is a great initiative and it's making even the very people who hates football love them. It's always a great place with @oracle-d
Thanks for this awesome backing

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Hi @agfacademy. very good video. I like it and so far has helped us a lot in training.

This is great opportunity to football lover and am also aiming to join the @agfacademy drills training and competiton.

I can't say anything else than thank you. This initiative has been of great help to me in many ways. Thanks to @andregray and bunch of thanks to the community - @oracle-d.

This video is absolutely incredible. Thanks to @oracle-d for putting this up. I'm sure the video is made by @ashtv, kudos to him ♥

Indeed @horpey, it was made with love :)

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It’s been of the greatest charity support for every footballer in AGFA initiative.Thanks for your support @andregray and @oracle-d. It keeps Steem blockchain active and lively with the average of 6 drills per day.

This video made our day!!

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