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HELLO GOOD MORNING GUYS.I HOPE YOU GUYS ALL ARE OK.. So guys today I want to ask you something different type question.Because Yeasterday I opened my one old Diary and read my school friends some lines.They written some letter . These lines are really so cute.That's time how much they loved me I can understand now that also can feel that from my heart. We want someone who have really one kind heart.who always love to help people.Also can understand peoples problem or pain also need to have one good mentality. . Because our best friend if cant feel someones pain, problem then he or she may not have heart.We people should have one kind heart. I know all people are not same.But we can try to help others. We all have best friend. But sometimes some got some selfish friend.I know people cant do Friendship to seeing heart.Friendship just happened if people like each other.But every person have some unique choice what's type behave or mentality she want in her best friend.If someone will ask me I will say I want one good heart, kind and her behave should be like crazy. Because I am also one crazy type girl.So in friends crazyness is awesome feeling.That I always miss now in my college friend. So from these things in my my mind come one question. That's I want to Ask you all. What's type mentality you want in your Best friend.??? I thought I should ask you guys.. Tell me about your opinion also in my comment section or in your vlog.I will feel happy if you guys response.

Thanks guys for watching. Have a nice day.


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I think in a Best friend? I just want them to be able to be themselves, listen to the inner voice of good inside of them and be better people

Nice to heard that..
Thanks for your comment

I meter my friend during my difficulty she/he did not come beside me they was they same as plastic

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you mean they are selfish??

When choosing best friend, he or she must be able to understand youhow you feel even before you said anything. The love, care, affection. The best friend must stand by you when you need him or she and must be trustworthy as trust is also important a lot.

yeah you are right.. Trust so important.
Thanks for your comment

Yea. Thanks