DTUBE - High Tree Adventure - Is It Worth The Trip?

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Hey Everyone and @dtube,

In today's video we go to the Trees Adventure ropes course for the first time, and I have to admit, I had to be rescued! Facing your fear of heights is one thing, but doing it while climbing trees is a whole new level of nuts!

The trip out took us about 90 minutes from Perth to Dwellingup, and it was certainly worth the trip. The time we spent together, both enjoying ourselves and being white knuckled terrified, made for a memory we won't soon forget.

My torn bicep is a reminder I still have :)

Great day out.

Thanks for watching as always.

See you in the next Adventure.

The Adventurous Soul
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Looked like a lot of fun mate! Thanks for sharing!


Was heaps of fun buddy, scared the crapola out of me, but grateful we went!!

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You guys obviously had great fun that day, and I have to admit it was also big fun for me to watch the video! The track looks quite hard, and I guess it took you a while to complete it (2-3 hours or so at least?). You all looked a bit tired but glad in the end.
Thank you for sharing your adventure, I enjoyed it a lot!


Yeah, it was a tiring 3 hours, but lots of fun. Especially when I touched the ground :)

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That's look like cool trip

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Thanks for sharing. It must be fun

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