The Eiffel Tower Is In CHINA - Kaleb Shouldn't Have LOOKED Down!

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Hey Everyone and @dtube,

In today's video we continue our China Adventure, this time in Macau . We had a break between our Leadership Summit and the rest of our tour, so we decided to visit Paris while in China :) The Eiffel Tower in Macau was one of those landmarks we had to visit, but when given the option, Kaleb shouldn't have looked down!

We took a trek to the Eiffel Tower replica here in Macau as well as pick up some mystery breakfast meat along the way.

If you are interested in our other China Adventure Videos, you can find them here.

Thanks for watching.

See you in the next Adventure.

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Look like you have great adventure there , keep us posted

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It was great fun and have quite a bit of content to share over the coming weeks :)

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Enjoyed this video a lot... Replica of Eiffel Tower .. hahaha.. It's really nice...


Loads of fun :)

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Here in Kharkov, Ukraine we have mini version of Eiffel Tower and people enjoy capturing picture a lot... Local people always go there to enjoy there time with children, specially children love that area... :)

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very good loved me