LABADEE - Haiti - Dragon's Tail Roller Coaster - Harmony of the Seas.

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Hey Everyone,

In today's video we visit Labadee, Haiti as one of our stops with the Harmony of the Seas Cruise. We followed the signs and finally came across The Dragon's Tail Roller Coaster where you control the SPEED!

The location was simply stunning and the coaster a first for all of us. There were a few moments I thought I'd be flying off, but it was worth it for the beautiful view.

Thanks for watching.

See you in the next Adventure.

Tha Adventurous Soul
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That view looks amazing... But I was here holding my breath... Doesn't look safe at all and I was afraid for your life 😱

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It’s was a great view :)

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Man, that looked so fun! I would love to go on that. The fact that you said you can fly out of it makes me feel nervous and I am not even riding it lol


Mate, you have no idea. I was holding onto the breaks for dear life 😁 not to slow down but to stay onboard ...

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I believe you 100% lol. That just adds more relief and joy when it is all over and you can get the hell out of that thing.

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