Tutorial Watercolor painting / Girl and black hair /art by @adip 🎨 ❤️ DTUBE EXCLUSIVO 🎨❤️

in dtube •  27 days ago

watercolor painting , girl with black hair

hello steemers !

today i have a video of my watercolor painting, girl with black hair and flowers on her head , i painted the background in blue , the blue sky ! i hope you enjoy watching my work.

thank you for watching my post ,
wish you a very nice and lovely day , full of interests of life , Grazie Mille

@adip / Bianca Giornalista :) !


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@adip, This is breathtaking talent and i really enjoyed this artistic and musical journey. This art is so expressive and expressive art can connect and communicate with anyone. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Lovely painting indeed and yeah will really have to say that you do have an awesome talent. Keep it going : )