My FAVOURITE Reggae Song / OMG Are You Serious?

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I had so much fun making this video. Thank you ReggaeSteem for this initiative.

#jahm #fiwi.

Marlon Asher - Ganja Farmer


Peace and Love ✌🏿

All copy and photos are original content by me.

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HAHAHA that was an amazing video bredda hahaha. Yeah the entire thing for this question came about suddenly and we ran with it, it is a tough one, I am actually still thinking about it lol. You really went back into the roots of the culture, London and Reggae have some serious history, the culture is there and in living colour, down to the language, gotta love it. Africa is huge on Reggae too indeed,nowadasy I see the Jamaicn music seen feeding off the african one afro beat and vusa versa, gotta love it.

I also love the UB40 and Maxie priests smooth pop type of reggae too. Man so many faces to Reggae, it is kinda like steem LOL. Your number 1, well the one you chose today is very symbolic, today the herb is being freed up and Rasta has been singing about freeing it up for years. Now we can buy it in shops. Being in LA 2018 January when the legal shops just opened was like stepping into a different world. Awesome video bro. If possible put that link to Ganja farmer so the Steem gang can catch the vibes. Bless up bredda, really appreciate it.

LOL, yeah! Now that Mandela is out of prison (RIP), and Weed is getting legalised, they'd have to find new material haha.

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Mate... watching this vlog this morning made me remember how much of my upbringing and early years was influenced by Reggae music and culture. This literally inspired me to get up of my ass and make a vlog about it for the @reggaesteem community. Cheers for the inspiration buddy.

It sounds like we grew up with similar music around us. I also remember Peter Tosh featuring heavily in my younger years, and Bob Marley is a given. I find it fascinating how early punk and reggae merged into ska. The music culture in the UK is something to be proud of... I like to think about this type of thing whenever watching Boris on the news just makes me want to give up on old Blighty 😆

P.s. Ganja Farmer by Marlon Asher.. quality. Back in the day my greenhouse might... or might not have had more than tomato plants in it.

Ha ha, I remember shabba ranks man, I was in school when all that came out... but never could get into ragga if I'm honest. I loved the old school Dub Reggae and got into reggae mainly as a teenager. I also remember the gypsy kings as my mother had their album in her record collection. I remember discovering it and thinking, shit my ma has some good musical taste.

Yeah, the UK has been a fertile ground for even new sub-genres of Reggae for sure. A lot of bands came out of Liverpool, Manchester etc as well. And that Punk/Ska scene too haha.

P.s. Ganja Farmer by Marlon Asher.. quality. Back in the day my greenhouse might... or might not have had more than tomato plants in it.

Open up. We're not Babylon. We just want to talk, honest.

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Yeah, Liverpool is a hotbed for all sorts of awesome music. Talking of Ska, One of my best friends was the lead guitarist + keyboard player in 'the dead sixties' they were a pretty decent modern day ska act. They had a single in the charts called 'riot on the radio' but this song was my favourite:

Open up. We're not Babylon. We just want to talk, honest.

Ha ha, well

Babylon dem gonna fall,
hopefully with crypto in our pockets, their dollar gonna stall 😉

Opening up mate. I grew a load of weed when I was a teenager. That's another thing scousers are good at, them fuzz can keep knocking tho 😂

Hhaaha. OMG How did I miss this! This is really tough for me to chose, we are a pure dancehall/reggea country so this is pretty deep in our roots. As I type this I think Jah Cure is In Kenya for a Concert :D
A Lot of Jamaican Artists come here alot. Lovee this!

I know how you feel :)

Yow! I really enjoyed watching this. Reminded me of my survey of Jamaican music class. I enjoyed this vid. I’m gonna have to check out this Gypsy Kings - I’m always after new songs to cover.

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Thanks bro. I think Gypsy Kings only did that one reggae song though :)

Man! I had forgotten about Marlon Asher. 10,000 Babylon in 1 Blue Van! This is gonna be a fun tribe.

Hahaha. yeah. Tune was so sick it got its own computer game.

And here I'm from Bangladesh, hearing the 'Reggae' for the first time. But yeah, I'm familiar with the songs. And who does not know Marlay!
Thanks for all those story sharing.

You nailed it Morpheus! :D I didnt know you do like reggae :) Me like! Most of songs I know too. Got a lot of tracks. Will do some more vlogs about them. Ganja Farmer! ;]
Bless Ya!

@adetorrent, This music is purely reflecting the passion for Cannabis. Good to see that you are really enthusiastic towards the ReggaeSteem. Stay blessed brother.

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