Data Recovery / Reclaiming My Lost Files

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Since I've finally got enough storage space and organised all my digital assets accordingly, I am not going through the old disks to salvage all the accessible data.

I am also recovering lost data - whether accidentally deleted, or due to inaccessible disks.

Causes of loss of access to hard drives include:

  • Operating System changes
  • Unsupported format
  • Data corruption
  • File system issues

I am using a piece of data recovery software I purchased online. I have to create an image of the disk first, before recovering data from it. It's time consuming but safer and more secure.

Do you have data/storage strategy or a good data recovery kit that works well?


Peace and Love ✌🏿

All copy and photos are original content by me.

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  • DiskWarrior
  • Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery
  • Disk Drill
  • Wondershare Data Recovery

Those are for Mac OS X though.

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I have Disk Drill. The thing I don't like is it doesn't keep the original file names so it loses organisation. If it finds the files though, who cares eh?

It is so annoying when data is lost. Thanks for sharing this sir.

It is.

We have some mini shops here who help to recover data. But it's not safe for sure.
I don't have any technical knowledge on this. So I get help from them once on my hard drive. 😣

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It's better to seek help if you don't know how :)

I keep thinking I should do it
But I am such a terrible or perhaps fabulous procrastinator that I have yet to come around
And mind you, I have actually lost stuff before...and didn't have back up and gone forever!!
So, probably should bump this up on my to do list :D

It's more important than you think
A quick and easy way is to separate the most valuable stuff into one folder - usually photos and videos of you and your family (those can't be recreated), especially photos of people that are no longer with us. Back those up immediately somewhere online like Google Photos or iCloud. Then make another copy on a hard drive.
Things like music and movies don't need to be backed up as there are millions of copies all over the world haha.

Yes, I do have them on one Hard Drive
But yes. Must get to Digital Copies too
Thanks for the tip @adetorrent :D