Can You Live Without The Internet?

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Today I had a bit of a reminder not to take things for granted. I lost connection to the Internet for the first half of the working day due to the bad weather.

The mobile data masts in my neighbourhood must have all crapped out since I wasn't the only one having issues. To add to the chaos, my laptop's wifi and bluetooth weren't working. They've been temperamental since updating the operation system on the mac.

I couldn't go home from the cafe because I didn't have an umbrella with me, and it was pouring down pretty heavily in addition to the winds. Since my computer bag isn't water proof, I just couldn't risk it.

The silver lining was that they have outstanding coffee at my cafe :)


Lessons learnt :)

How dependent are you on the Internet? Can you function normally if you were not to have access for an entire day? A week? Months?


Peace and Love ✌🏿

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To be honest I think I would die lol

We do take internet for granted these days. I used to be able to get online at work and did not bother with data on my phone as I was generally driving when not at home or the office. I coped with that. Now I have plenty of monthly data and use it all the time. We grew up without all this telephony, but you get used to having it. Not that most of what I do online is essential to life. When I'm at the pub sessions I try to ignore my phone for a few hours.

Even home security systems are now dependent on the Internet! Imagine your home alarm system failing because the wifi dropped out! Crazy.

I have wondered about that. It can be pretty easy to cut the cable going into many homes, but I guess some use the mobile network there days.

Yes that's actually a thing burglars do. Some of them are very savvy. Some of the security systems now have 4G backup for that. Also they can work anywhere there's a signal. Those are way more expensive though.