Tokens, Tokens Everywhere!

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Wow, I guess we didn't really need SMTs, judging by the number of tokens that have been announced, released or planned.

In this video, I compare the choice of tokens on the Steem blockchain to a restaurant menu.



Peace and Love ✌🏿

All copy and photos are original content by me.

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Such a prefect analogy 😋👍and I resonate deeply with your mindset. Am definitely sticking with those I vibe most actifit 😍🙌😎

Much Love BeautyFull!

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Thank you... and thanks for stopping by.

Most of these tokens been created are just worthless without any real world use, but they are some viable tokens on the steem blockchain which has a bright and sustainable growth moving forward . All these are good for the steem blockchain because it will add alot of liquidity and also bring more people into the steem platform and dapps


Yup. Agreed.


Most of these tokens been created are just worthless without any real world use

Hi r u...
Your way of taking is so fantastic. ..keep u bro.

I agree and it will lead to some interesting times in the near future! The thing I gather from this all is that it demonstrates the capabilities and flexibility of the underlying protocol and how it will broaden the reach even outside of the community!

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We can Change D world Together ! 💙 ♩♬♬
MindSet MindUniverse 💙

#steem ♨ On to the 💙 Universe ! ♬♬

lots of Tokens in Steem-engine also reducing the fee is required !
when deposit or withdraw 1% fee now !

thanks for sharing the Vision ♥♩♬♬

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Thanks to steem-engine👍 everyone have own token on steem

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Hail tokenization

True. We didn't have to wait for the SMT after all. I guess this is one of the beauty of people powered blockchain.

Steem-Engine and other DApps has really taken things in another level with a really quick pace.

I have not selected my menu yet but I will do soon. Thanks for the analogy bro!

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That's a really good Comparison to the restaurant menu, Ade. And I want to learn more about that "Clean" Token. Sounds very interesting. Thanks for the heads up :)

I agree with you. In blackchain platform we see lot of own Tokens and dapps too.

I like your Video, Thanks for sharing

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Yea you are right there are so many tokens now and they all confusing.

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sometimes it seems to me all these tokens everywhere has resulted in the fall of steem.

At the Date of Today maybe hundreds of tokens from different platforms are available. I am so confused...!