How To Steal Videos Correctly For Steem

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In this post, I want to address an issue that we have on the Steem blockchain - Intellectual Property theft.

I am referring specifically to DTube in this post, even though the problem is rampant across the blockchain. One of the great things about this chain, is that it is decentralised, so there is no one authority that can censor content here, or ask you to take stuff down. As such, people feel free to use content they don't own, without the consent of the original creator of the content.

Photography is a big one. For some reason, people are under the impression that just giving the source of the image is enough. It isn't, unless the legal owner of the photo say it is. The reason why we are not having more trouble with this is because the Internet is so large, and the original owner of the content will never come across it being used here.

I made a post a while ago about where you can get high quality photos by professional and enthusiast photographers that have waived copyright completely. That means you are permitted to use the the photos as you please - even without referencing the source. I think this is the best way to use photos here if you need to and you're unable to create your own photos.

Back to DTube.

I'm going to talk about the correct way of stealing YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion videos for Steem. Before then, let me highlight the two types of video 'thieves' we have here.

1. The deliberate thief: is the person who downloads a video from another platform belonging to someone else, and uploads it unto DTube hoping for an upvote. Apart from being illegal and unethical, this is a thoroughly pointless exercise! The DTube account, and other curators will never knowingly upvote such content. So apart from being a content thief, you are clogging up our IPFS servers and annoying everyone. Stop it. It's a waste of everyone's time, including yours.

2. The unwitting thief: is the person who sincerely just wants to share a video with his/her followers. It's usually a music video or a mini documentary found on a different platform. Downloading the video and uploading to DTube without the express permission of the original content creator is theft, regardless of intention.

The correct way

Going direct to the point, the correct way to share someone else's video from Youtube and other such platforms is to embed it in a Steem post. All their recent floors withstanding, and eSteem are the best ways to embed a video on the Steem blockchain. and others can also embed but Steemit will not play the video inline. It will present the thumbnail which will link to the original YouTube page, for example.

Example of an embedded video

So why is embedding legal and downloading-uploading not? That's a great question :)

When creators upload to YouTube and other such platforms, they do so under the standard licence which includes the ability for third parties, (that's you), to embed the video on their websites. There is a switch to disable embedding on YouTube and other platforms, so if the creator doesn't want you embedding their content, they can say so. What that means is that you can safely assume the original creator is ok with the embedding.

The second bene fit is that you don't have to add a source. By embedding, the source is automatically there. In essence, you are actually helping out the original content creator by advertising their content and providing more avenues for their content to be seen. It's like tweeting it or sharing to FaceBook.

The third benefit is that both you and the creator benefit from the views. If the OG creator is monetised on YouTube for instance, each view of the video on your post counts towards their views. You, of course, benefit from the potential upvotes here on Steem. Win-win.


Non of the above content - copy nor video - is financial or legal advice.
Peace and Love ✌🏿

All copy and photos are original content by me.

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I kind of agree (though I still don't like much the title of your post... though it's nice clickbait I clicked hahah!")

I've suffered this myself, one of my videos recently was stolen (not on dtube) but not only stolen went VIRAL decropped of its original watermark, finally I could get it blocked and facebook deleted it, but from time to time it re-emerges, they said they liked it but why then remove my name and crop the video itself off its credits. Whenever I do a cover I do on youtube cos they have agreements with the authors, if they place an ad and that goes for the authors right then great, I'm fine, it's fair. So this happens also here when musicians are posting cover, it could bring potentia conflict in the future when they upload to a decentralized platform. Thus what I would only upload on blockchain is things that are entirely my copyright (which is what I do) or I deep link sometimes a cover (from a source in which the author has placed and ad so the play pays them). Still now and then you may share a picture (I always try to go to wikipedia and look for the attribution needed) if it's a movie review or so, but for same reason I only upload mine. People has by the way to embed the FULL CODE (embed) on youtube, dropping the url also triggers the embed but not sure it counts for them as play and they might complaint. Thing is that at long term, and I am pretty sure of it, Steem will be pointed for copyright and then how will it be handled? who's responsible? down to the users? or to the platform for allowing? I don't want to sound pessimist, but It's a serious issue. I had the most interesting chats about this at steemfest, and also talked with may people, some even seemed to mock a bit copyright, like this is free internet, no censorship and well that's the idea that seems to be out there, but truth is that it matters, authors have rights and rights to ask something to be TAKEN out (not only hidden)
As a creator and author I don't want ANYONE to upload my content without my permission (when they can simply share from my page and promote me), and they have done several times.

But when a big name complains there can be a problem.


Hahahah I'm glad you fell for the bait! :)

Yes it's a tricky one really, this is why I completely steer away from using anything with a potential copyright. I'm lucky that I'm a photography enthusiast so I have tens of thousands of my own photos I can use in posts.. as well as create them very quickly when I need :)

There are also different rules in different countries regarding intellectual properties. There are some countries with zero laws /enforcement of the law.

The problem with decentralised / uncensored platforms is that some people equate copyright enforcement with censorship, which are not the same.

There is some precedent for companies going after decentralised platforms about copyright. Pirate Bay is a good example. They lost in court and were ordered to 'take things down'.. but the BitTorrent network is completely and truly decentralised, so that is impossible. You can still use Pirate Bay today! :) . The governments have tried blocking the website from your ISP level (like here in the UK), but new proxy servers pop up all over the place to bypass all that. They can't stop it.


haha yes, clickbaiter!! hahah I went all in to add my two cents then to agree hahah XD

Yes copyright and censorship is not the same thing. And wether it can or not be stopped people will continue to do it, but they should not "justify" it as "right" it which is a different thing.

But here is worse cos blogs are monetised those videos are "monetised". I invest lots of time on making my posts worth here, I don't want steem to be stained as a place were copyright is not taken care of, or a scam, or worse, we are all reponsible for its face to "outsiders" and stating that copyright is respected (thanks god @steemcleaners) is really for the good of all. This is a self-managed net community... the way we behave also reflects us as a whole.

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I absolutely agree with all of what you say. Thank you so much for enlightening and tutorial video

You are on point

I did not know that the embedding was a permitted practice! This could add some good exposure to content on the platform. Thanks for sharing!

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It's been so long since I noticed stolen videos on DTube. I normally jsut watch whatever is in my feed/hot videos/trending.

Did you "steal" the background music? haha


Nah! The artist waived rights. I'm too squeaky clean :)


That's what they all say muhaha

“ if you are a content thief please consider .....” hahaha I don’t know why people do this , and some are so persistent. They never give up. They are addicted to the 0.001 cent . I hope they start embedding😬

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I don't get it either. I makes me laugh every time I look at the 'new' tab on DTube. I'm like why!? :)


Right!!! Why not just step out and create , they fit the upload down pat🤣

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Embedded is always the way to go for me. Great content as always Ade😊😊👌


Thank you! :)

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hi for movie trailer subscribe my channel. thanks

This is really an expository article, I have learnt a lot from your blog.