Brighton Spontaneously

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I took a spontaneous drive to Brighton yesterday. I parked my car quite far west, and walked all the way along the promenade to the pier and back.

It took me about six hours to do!

The weather was perfect and the light was good so I was completely lost in the scenery - taking phots and recording video clips. Be sure to click the video to watch on DTube




I also took a couple of pit stops to refuel :) . Yes, yes I know fish and chips are not the best for my health, but when on the coast, it's got to be done. Gotta get that fish and chips guys.



What an incredible day I had. I can't wait to do it again. Maybe next time I'll grab one of you steemians along with me :)


Peace and Love ✌🏿

All copy and photos are original content by me.

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Ahhh - I go to the beach as often as I can - will maybe try to make my first DTube video if I visit one this week :D See how comparable our beaches are!


Yes do it! :)
I've been to the beach over there before, but it was lat January and -10 degrees haha. I don't think I got the correct impression.

Definitely a great spring day to be out and enjoying the surroundings. I am a sucker for amusement park rides with the family although as I get older they no longer sit well with my stomach! Thanks for sharing!

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I've never been on those rides on a pier. It must be a nice view of the ocean and beach.

I love Brighton so much! Looks like you were hanging out in the Hove end.
So many cool independent and arty shops and of course it’s so fab for healthy vegan food 👍

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Yeah I saw some “plant based” cafes about:)

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Spontaneous is a key )


yes it is!

You cannot go to the seaside and not have fish & chips!



They have public toilets? Lol I think you're just having fun going from beach to that coloured building and amazing piece of camera work there man I obviously love shooting like you people just get to stare too much in Nigeria though, overall you had fun I could tell


Nigerians don't like to be photographed or recorded on video. :) Nobody cares much here as long as it's in general public. If you're recording them for too long or they're the only ones around, then that may be an issue.


Yeah, damn right there @adetorrent obviously I love the beach part, it's amazing, I tell you, well done, imma have to start coming to you for classes

this Yellow Box .... can be cool to photography in color and what blue sky ;)


Yep. The angle of the sun was not the best when I got that photo.. it got better later.


Hmmm... I see sky is misty ... not 100% blue it ?
If it is 100% blue then you get this color very cool.

"coffee....and a toilet." <-The perfect combination. :D


Hahaha. you know it :)

Wow.. I love the dynamics of your videos and photography @adetorrent. Happy new week sir.


Thank you bro

I imagine you had a really good time. I used to walk around Belgrade for hours and hours.


Absolutely. Belgrade must be lovely.

Looks like a lovely time, Ade. Thanks for sharing :)


It was indeed. Thanks for stopping by.

Great journey.

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Indeed. Maximum enjoyment

@adetorrent, Particularly that Bird is sitting at awesome place and in a way it's reflecting as that bird is about to announce something from that high place. 🙂

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a journey that is not too smooth, and full of obstacles

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I love the sea side although I have never been to any before 😭😭. Thanks for the follow sir. I appreciate.

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where did you find the free parking? I have one location close to the centre but not sure I want to write it on the blockchain haha