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Where were you and how did you hear about the September 11 attacks in the United States? Were you even born yet?

In this video I talk about how I experienced the day and what I'm thinking of today in remembrance.



Peace and Love ✌🏿

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I was in the first house I moved into after moving out of my family home.

I lived in a shared house with a bunch of friends. We were actually awake when it happened. Same as you Ade, I watched the second plane hit. Twas scary as hell.

Tbh, we were all stoned as hell on some good Jamaican tobacco 🤣... and we'd stayed up playing playstation. Then we switched it off to change games and sky news was on with the first tower burning. I remember honestly that our conversation ran pretty much that it could be the start of WW3. I'm glad it didn't go that way.

Jamaican tobacco

Hahahaha. That's one way of calling it 🤣🤣

Yea, it did seem capable of starting a nuclear confrontation at the time.

it did seem capable of starting a nuclear confrontation at the time.

I agree. I was around 20 years old and I remember even at that age feeling an immediate sence of fear and uncertainty.

Never been to New York myself, but it's on my bucket list. I'll definitely visit ground zero if I make it.

Cool, and thought provoking vlog m8 👍

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We were living in Cape Town and saw with horror on the news, as it was happening. Never seen something so devastating and frightening, to date.

It was a horrible day. The fact that so many people saw it live worldwide was even more surreal.

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Yes, one could not believe that an event like that could happen so quickly, with devastating results.

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I know exactly where I was. I was doing some work at the offices of a TV channel, so there were TVs around the place, but not in the room I was using. When I went to get a drink I saw a building with smoke on the screen, but didn't register what it was until later. When we tried to look online for information the Internet had ground almost to a halt.

It was a terrible event that depressed me for some time. I didn't directly know people who were there, but friends of friends were. Many more people have been killed around the world as the US and others lashed out.

It is amazing there has been nothing like this since then, although we have had smaller incidents in Europe. Changes to air travel security made it harder to replicate, but terrorists look for other opportunities.

I visited the site a few years later, but don't think I have pictures.

We have been quite lucky. The security services are actually very good at intercepting these attacks. It's not for lack of trying I can imagine.

There was also the attack on the Pentagon and Washington, which were not as "successful".

I think we were all in our living room. The whole family. Every local channel was showing CNN that day. Very intense moment.

I can imagine. Yes every single channel dropped programming and tuned to the incident.

I was in Austin, TX. And I almost shat my pants.

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That was the year I turned six. I don't think anyone told me about it at the time but I did learn about it many years later from a conspiracy theorist named Y2K. I just felt so sad to be honest.

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Unfortunately the conspiracy theories have taken over.

The conspiracy theories
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You've got a beautiful video here about 9/11. I was a freshman in college when it happened. I remember my uncle staring at the TV that evening and calling his friends in the US to see whether they are safe. I don't wish to see another 9/11. Cheers!

It captured the attention of the world for sure. I'm sure they couldn't get through to the friends since all the phones were jammed with traffic.