So How Do I Feel About The Tron Thing?

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How are you doing today? I trust that all is well with you.
So, in this video, I basically react to the last 24 hours on the blockchain with the Tron news.

Are you feeling any batter now that we've heard from the horse's mouth?


Peace and Love ✌🏿

All copy and photos are original content by me.

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Here are my thoughts:

  1. "Man of Tron" has invested money to have a controlling interest in Steemit and with it a fair number of Steem tokens. With that, he will expect, and most likely leverage some control
  2. The talk of forking and zeroing out "hostile" account balances will discourage any real investor in investing heavily into the Steem token in the future and is IMHO a terrible idea.
  3. Backup token listed on an exchange.....good luck, but highly unlikely. Anyone else ever accomplished this?

Final thought? Prepare to be assimilated!

Resistance is futile? 😧


Tronit or Steemit ? 😅

Do you shoot "Lazzzzzers" out of those eyes too?

I didn't watch the live stream and haven't read or heard a recording yet.
Once I am done going through my feed and catching up on the folks I follow, I plan to look for something. If you happen to have a link for a recording or transcript, it would be welcome!

Your the best @adetorrent!

Hahah. I'm working on the laser. Sometimes I can't get angry enough to actually shoot the laser, but it's forming for sure haha.

The video is on Tron Foundation's YouTube channel with comments turned off haha.

It'd definitely put smile on multitudes

Unfortunate crypto crash going on at the moment, but it's still looking good at 22cents. Usually when crypto is this low, we'd be closer to 10 cents. So when things recover, we're starting to look quite good.

a first few shows-off at the beginning were a bit much #lol

Go to the moon steem price advance congrats to many who are hoarding

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