London Steem Community Meet Up In Kensington

in #dtubelast year

What a day connecting and networking with fellow Steemians in the heart of London.
Special thanks to @redrica for putting it together as usual. I'm not looking forward to the next one!
.. and to @soyrosa for coming all the way from the Netherlands to be with us!


@breadcentric, @dougalporteous, @ezzy, @inesafreedom, @nanzo-scoop, @rea, @soyrosa
@steevc, @susanlo, @teodora, @ultravioletmag, @veritanuda, @wizzdom, @zool237


Peace and Love ✌🏿

All copy and photos are original content by me.

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Thank you @pennsif

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Ahhh I need that photo in higher quality, that's a great memory <3

Loved it! Super glad I was able to join, will now be extra sad next time I can't join of course :D

Yeah! I'll send you the original.
Let's organise tomorrow via @redrica :)

Very professionally done end-product, there! It was great to see everyone. :)

Thank you :) . I try my best haha.

Nice to see some smiling faces I know :)

It's always so awesome! :)

Send my 💕 for them!

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Nice one Morpheus 😎👊

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Yes NEO!! Maybe one day you can join us man.

Ade, you have cool camera i like this quality!!

Thank you my friend :)

Nicely done and yeah.. was a great vibe yesterday and glad @redrica helped pull us all together to have such a great time. Well worth repeating!

Absolutely. So nice to meet you

The community seems to be getting bigger :)

Yes indeed. there are even more of us

So awesome to see a group of talent get together and enjoy their company! This is why Steem is so powerful as its community really connects!

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Steem to the surface of the moooooon!!

Wow, how cool @soyrosa that you flew over! Looks like you all had a great time!

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Looking forward for the next one, there is life between meetups?? 😂😂

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Hahaha. We live for the next meet :)

Quality video and people, bet you wished you had been here now ? Another great production @adetorrent, respect !

Many thanks bro! epic day.

Looks like another great meetup!! Is the Steeians special for London only 😉?

hahaha. I couldn't be bothered to fix it hahaha. Well spotted :)

Brilliant to see so many people from Britain involved in steem. Hopefully some more from Scotland can come on board.

I hope so too

I'm so Jelly right now. You have all the fun on the platform Ade😩
Looking forward to tomorrow's vlog😊

Yup. All the fun is mine! One day I'll dome to Kenya to vlog with some Maasai people. Maybe I'll drop by and say hi to you too :)

Looks like lots of fun! And the ramen noodles... 😍

Ramen. That place is known for the ramen :)

Bless, man. Always a pleasure seeing you again. :)

So much has changed since the last one haha.

Such a nice idea! Hope I can join if I ever move to London. It's good to see Steemit events in real life. ;-)

It is. And if you do move to London, you have to be there :)

What?! What is this? Why wasn't I invited eh?!

Hahahah :P

I like this video, so there's that...

Also, send me the group pic please!

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Awsome video! It was nice seeing you again!

Where's the Steem community in Portsmouth or Southampton!

Looks like a great meet up...

Note to self... go for the crouch in the next group photo I'm in! That's the look for sure.

Soooo nice to meet you again!! 😎😎

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