Steem to the peak; One more idea, Some dormant accounts have lost their passwords, steemit inc can send a mail to help recover password |

in #dtube5 months ago (edited)

I have recorded this video since yesterday but I felt so tired and couldn't post it. This week has been very busy for me and I haven't had time to write as I should or create posts.

In the video, I talked about how we can help some steemians who lost their password regain access to their accounts.

I also mentioned about 'Terry (@surpassinggoogle)'. Let's help him on all his project. They are insights from above. Terry is my brother, I love and Cherish him. especially is our project all together. Let's dig all together!

You can also participate in my contest. It is called 'creative minds contest'. You can earn some sports and marlians.

'Steem to the peak' is not ordinary. We can build it together!

I hope to have time this weekend so that I can express my ideas in full. Thanks for always visiting! I love you all.

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