Homeless Marine vet finds himself out of place with Occupy DC

in dtube •  11 months ago

Recorded at Malcolm X Park, Washington, DC.

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perfect video <3

Wow! What bad luck!

Holy shit the government fucked him over :/ well, I guess "they are just doing their job".

Wow, what a story. Hope things turned around for him!

Damn shame what he says happened, but great video!

I hope he ended up alright!


you are in the right platform

SEMPER FIDELIS. You will always have my vote in 2020 Adam and I have my signed FREEDOM next to me right now. Upvoted!

Wao, so many interesting books you have got here, are you the author, this will take a lot of attention and dedication. Thanks for your generosity.

Posts that I really like, dashing cool

inspiring.. thanks for this.

Success that everything ends well greetings friend

your vote is very helpful to me

love the honesty!great video

Awesome interview Adam, something you wouldn't find on tv.
I hope James gets whats owed to him but at the same time i'd also be telling him don't wait for the government, don't count on it by all means fight for whats owed but also try to get on with your life as best as possible don't sit on pause waiting for a system that doesn't care enough about you, your life clock is still counting down while you wait.

Nice post! I sincerely support Freedom in all ramifications. However, it burders me much when we lay more emphasis on Freedom, less concern about Justice. We forget that it is lack of Justice that brings about lack of Freedom. So lets fight more for Justice. I follow and upvote you.

I love DC and marvel! Just kidding haha



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Such a deep and complex issue. I hope he lands on his feet.

@adamkokesh Man it'd be awesome if you could get in touch with this dude again and see how he's doing. I'd love to see a follow up video. I really hope he's doing well. You can tell by his stone cold gaze that he's seen some horrific shit. In spite of all the trauma, he still has a very open mind and his heart is definitely in the right place.


Glad to see ya here dude. Been watching you for years!!!

Very good man nice job

Wow very good job.

My father put in 20 + years in the Marine Corps and the VA screwed him around for years. It wasn't until just before he died that they finally fixed his teeth. He paid for private insurance because he couldn't get them to do what they were supposed to do.

Well its a great story but sad.

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Gotta love how vets r treated..., NOT, maybe we can get that to change!!! #Kokesh2020

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thanks A lot lot lot @adamkokesh

I really love the post, cool

please follow me on steemit.

So glad to see someone saying the solution to the problem does not lie in the hands of those who caused it. Keep smashing the stereotypes of Anarchism. If government is the problem, more government is not the answer!

So inspiring..... Well-done

love this post man, "people are just trying to Protect their Homes"

the system is very very corrupted man. and their intentions has never been Clean.. people need to Wake d F up, and see..

it a true saying that " who feels it knows it" ignorance is not an excuse is 2018..
Unity is the way!!!

OWS is controlled opposition - funded, supported by Wall Street/NWO. Haven't heard about them in years.

its good work, humanity is the top of the list on every religion. Help these peoples and help everyone. Well done keep it up.

awesome post. i like it boss.

Keep building those strawmen and chopping them down. There are no anarchists calling for "more government". Make up an imaginary enemy and then defeat them! Great work!

so sad for this

Best of luck to him. Poor bugger :(

thank you for the great content.

Capitalism needs strong rules.

You definitely bring a lot of quality to Steem blockchain, I really want to like you can you help me to succeed here ...... Thank you and best regards

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Epic information man! It's amazing, that DTUBE allows the free speach to actually be free!
Thank you for thinking! And sharing!

But damn... This guy hasn't been paying attention at all!

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Great interview and great work!

what a shit goverment :/

I like politics ....vote and resteem done