Here's to the skeptics!

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I might be there at anarchopulco this year, to make it more likely upvote my posts :)... but I might first be there next year.

I think it is a great idea "nobody for president" and then making the gov building a museum of demolish it.

Are you wearing pants?

I remember when I had an online interview in suit, I only wore the top part of the suit and I was in underpants.

I don't believe in pants! They're a statist conspiracy!

no pants.png

No one will force me to wear pants.

We don't need pants anymore! :D


Sans pants! SANS PANTS!!!


^ $444.15

Steem is broken.

Is it? The people who invested their own money into the platform are not allowed to upvote the content they want to upvote? Are you going to be in charge of controlling their votes instead? Perhaps they have too much wealth, and we should redistribute it fairly? Pfft

I keep forgetting the most people here haven't yet figured out that Steem is basically a Ponzi Scheme.

Nice Bro !

Nice Bro ;)

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I will

NOBODY for president!!!! lol I love it

Amazing who ya meet on #steemit !

One for the coincidence file: as I type this comment, I'm listening to Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda.

[Now there's a fellow who went off on his own rails.]

Looking forward to listening to your podcast.

Great content. I am new here and I like this, going listen this to the end for sure

already downloaded! Thanks for the video and book! let's watch the video :)

If I believed in reincarnation, I’d say you were Smedley Butler back for another go around to keep putting the ideas out the idea of peace through freedom and showing the world the uselessness of the State.

Thank you for this source

Awesome as always!

I'be watched just a few of your videos and I really like them. New follower.

Got your book two years ago at Anarchapulco. See you there this year!

Thanks for the Blog!

The skeptic community just got btfo

Muchas Gracias @adamkokesh

we need more content like this on the steemit platform

wow so amazing. following here

You need to change some meta data on your site. It show up on my search as the default, "Just another WordPress Site". I believe you can change it easily in the wordpress control panel.

Here, here!

@adamkokesh Thank you for the information and all you do for Steemit. I invite you and all who read this to stop by my page and join in on the contest I am doing called "Together We Build 2" it is a great way to interact with others and build the Steemit community. Thank you



Thanks for the info it is very useful ......

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(After watching)

Good speech! You're right, a lot of folks who've come into the freedom movement began as skeptics or doubters. Something about the system just seemed...wrong, and the liberty movement explains why.

Im Watching you for the first time,,, I would Like To See How This Will End,, Let ME Prepare My Pop Corn...Looking Forward TO Watch Your Videos And Grab That Book And Understand More...

Nice nice

OMG! This is SUCH an AMAZING post! Thank you for sharing! I gave you a vote!!

Most people are born skeptical - it's on us to break these conditions :-)

Now I really wonder why I hadn't been constantly following you already. Like your passion and energy! Good talk.

See you around :-)

Nice video

All about the podcasts! Keep up the inspirational audio'n

I've been skeptic before but that got me nowhere. If only I started steemit a year earlier, I might be rich by now haha :)

@6:00 Aye aye, Dread Pirate Roberts ;)

I like the idea of nobody as middle name Adam, love you man you seem like one of the most genuine people out of the freedom movement, never completely stopped following your stuff! :) Found you again via DTube and glad you are using this platform now.

As a long-time Steemit supporter, I love seeing your posts on the trending page. Congrats!

I already got my tickets and hotel squared away so I could get to my family quickly so I won’t be able to stay for the workshop, but I hope it gets recorded and distributed because NVC is so important for our species. My second post on Steemit over a year and a half ago was all about NVC and included a video of you. :) I look forward to seeing you in Mexico next month.

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Can you guys check out my new intro? I really appreciate your help! thanks!

Wish I could vote for Adam but being from Scotland I am unable too. Mind you in true Hilary fashion that might give me 3 votes......SCOTLAND DID IT....AAARRGGGHH :)