The truth about American Sniper from an Iraq combat vet Marine

in dtube •  9 months ago

What does the movie American Sniper reveal about this country? What lessons can we learn about how to better keep America safe?

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great point!

i like your posts so much that i always wait for your post and with your post attention podium i thank you very much for sharing such a good post with us.i alaws saw this your video

Greta video Adam yet again. Hit the nail on the head.


Excellent points. Tough subject though.


Thank you!

Wow, way to handle this intense subject Adam!

hello friend, I'm your follower for a short time, I want to know if you are so kind to vote in this post thanks for your help.

Trash propaganda, thank you for standing up to this horrible movie!

this is truth ....

One of our enimy's favorite tactics, twisting the true story just enough to get you in bed with him. Thanks for shining a light into this darkness, many will see through the fear & resonate with the message of love.


Very welcome, thank you for watching and commenting as always!

Keep on posting ! You are creating awareness among us !


I will! And thank you for the support!

Never believe ANYTHING from HOLLYWOOD! That's the reason I never watched this movie.


Exactly! Good choice!

What is situation of terrorism in Iraq and in Afghanistan and new situation with Pakistan

thanks for sharing :) i will take a look on your book !!

I liked Hurt Locker so much because the main guy wasn't a saint. He was there because of the thrills.

I know it's a part of what you do, but I think calling people in the military cowards is counter productive. Since you're a vet you can kind of get a way with it. But I think it puts people in defensive positions.

Keep up the great work. Kokesh2020

What is issue of terrorism in Iraq and in Afghanistan and added situation subsequent to Pakistan