WARNING: Supporting the war in Iraq will make you sound like a moron

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My most difficult interview yet. At AFP Foundation's Defending the American Dream Summit. This woman works for a radio station starting with WA(XX) and somewhere on the west coast I think. I only got a glance at her name badge.

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I thought this didn't even need to be said. Buy Super Male Vitality.

I love this, good job man, she got stumped. I like watching educated people, most Americans don't even know what type of government they live under. Even in school, they tell you we live in a democracy, when in reality it's more of a republic.

Yes to freedom and make this planet great again. Good job am resteeming to spread word out.

Well, that was fun!

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Errrr...I'm over.
Love your interviews Adam. Intelligent, relevant yet patient and passive questions. Great job man!

Syria,Iraq, and Afghanistan are nothing but a stepping block to the real war plan our previous leaders worked on for the Elite. They want a war with Iran. Iraq is to the East and Afghanistan is to the West, having troops in Iraq gives us access to the Persian Gulf to either blockade Iran or move our ships to its shore. The elite want Iran to pay a price like Libya did for not being members of the IMF. Saddam was a stabilizing force in the Middle East that's why he had to go and the same is true for Syria. Assad was moderate and he helped keep things stable in the region all things the elite did not want. As I'm sure you know this already Adam I want to let your viewers know, look up the Wolfowitz doctrine and think about what has occurred. It's a nasty vile doctrine that we need to be done with, I think Trump is done with it but I'm getting mixed feelings because of North Korea. It lists North Korea as well.

Unbelievable how dumbed down and indoctrinated the fluorided sheeple is. And this Lady appears to be upper middle class. Makes me want to cry...

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Thanks a lot for providing news feed..I appreciate to your content..Carry on your activity ...

No war. No way. No how.

reasteam done please check my profile

You seem to have a question for every thing she said. You really caught her on unaware. But she said the truth though, war isn't the solution, giving them a fair chance at democracy with education is.

People like this woman always try to play off our disastrous foreign policy by saying "We need to give those people this", "We need to give those people that". What we need to do is stop giving them a generation of orphans who grow up to hate what it is that she is trying to promote. Wars for profit are not a good standard to set when trying to promote her idea of the "American" way of life.

Well if they are lacking the education that blonde Einsteinium has, are they really in bad shape? She is a totally indoctrinated individual and is simply repeating state propaganda without ever really even understanding what she is saying! Unfortunately she represents millions and millions of Americans! By the way, throwing around the word education in a broad sense is ridiculous. Everyone would have to have education defined first before you start using that word.

I'm over...

Hahahahaha amazing!

Great content. Thank you for sharing. Please keep it up. I already upvote.

Great content. Thank you for sharing. Please keep it up. I already upvote.

As the interviewee continued to speak, her friend covered her name badge and slowly backed out of the frame. She realized how ridiculous her friend sounded before she did and abruptly ended the interview.

Kudos for allowing her the space to speak and asking appropriate follow up questions. I see interviewers who allow their subjects to speak, but don't appropriately challenge the subject. That is not the case here. lol

..."so what thinking tools do we need to give them in Iraq the....?

(sounds of tumbleweed)

..erm, let me think...

The patience is admirable.

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