Come Join Us For the Basketball Game!!

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This last weekend we went to go watch the Sacramento King play at the new stadium in our home town.
I had not been to a Kings basketball game in years, and @karensuestudios had never gone. It was a treat that our good friend gifted us her tickects to the game.
If you have ever gone to a basketball game or any other sporting event, you know how much fun they can be.
It was a good time cheering for the Kings.

The food was awesome. What I found really neat about the new stadium is that all the restaurants in the stadium are local restaurants from town. The had all the great know local spots to choose from. This is much better then your normal hot dog and fries that I thought I was going to be getting.
I ended up getting street tacos and @karensuestudios go her self a chicken banh mi sandwich!


Have an awesome day!
Keep on Steeming on!

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Cheers from city cafe

Hey buddy! Coffee time?

Good old Sacto!!

hahah yep yep!
Sacramento has been doing some upgrading ;)

That is very clear.

Hi friends, thanks for sharing such a beautiful post. You are enjoying your time beautiful manner. Great job keep it up.

thanks so much!! 😊

My Favorite Basketball Game 😊

hahah Thanks!! :)

hey acromott...thats a good concept one..
and your blog picture just awesome....well the..

Thanks for the nice comment :)

most welcome my friend..

Have an nice day!!!

Keep on Steeming on!..


Most wellcome😊😊

i play the Basketball , thanks share my favorite game.

oh cool!
It is a fun sport to play!

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😍A very informative post. Great job. Keep it up! 😍
OpenMusic Steemit Kiss.gif

you both are looking so cool :*

Hi guys, you look so happy together! Have a nice day!

Hello Karen and Acro...
Hope you both enjoyed the game...I really did loved the cheer girls performance....
And by the way cool glasses Acro!

I like to watch the stadium going on and play all the time. That's just any game. @acromott

i love Basketball Game. I'm play Basketball everyday at afternoon.

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