in dtube •  10 months ago

Hey Steemit friends!!

This morning I did what I do first thing everyday...Get on Steemit and Steemit Chat.
After browsing on Steemit to check my feed I went to Steemit Chat to see if I had any new messages.

Here is what I saw:


Looks like Steemit Chat was down for maintenance but the < bot > had a few messages for me...

I started laughing when I saw that Steemit Chat was recommending me to go do AcroYoga!!!
Whoever linked me, THANKS for the shoutout! The "acroyoga" hyperlink went to one of my old videos.
I got a good laugh out of this! 🤣

Later I checked back. Looks like Steemit Chat is back up and running !


Feel free to message me on Steemit Chat if you ever what to chat!!!
Have an awesome day!

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Haha that's awesome. Getting linked by a steemit chat bot is an honor! I might have to go do some acroyoga now!


You guys have to try some! :)

its an informative post.thanks for sharing..
carry on..


hahah thanks.


your welcome...

hahah thats funny :D btw im thinking to try doing acroyoga too

I am glad I just found your page! I love all things acrobatic. I actually am an aerial yogi myself. I just followed you. If you have the chance perhaps let me know what you think of my aerial yoga photos. I have worked hard on my practice.