🗼 Cell Tower in Your Backyard

in #dtube3 years ago

Today we are in Utah! The cell tower we are currently doing maintenance on is located in this persons backyard.
Did you know you could make a LOT of money if you allowed a tower company to put a cell tower on your property.
What do you think? Would you want a cell tower in your backyard?

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Yes, You are right Lot of Money & serious disease from the Cell Tower. As You will need to pay hospital bills, the money will be spent & is questionable whether You will cure Yourself or not...

From what I heard, cell towers have some kind of "blind spot" directly under them. So its more likely the neighbours who should be worried. And they don't even get anything for it...

Nah..... Not a big fan of scrambled DNA & CANCER. But if I had some vacant property away from humans to microwave, I would be all over it. ;-/


F-flag complements @themarkynurse-bot!

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