Have you ever had coffee like this??😋☕

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Have you ever had coffee like this??☕

This is for all the coffee lovers.
I love my morning coffee! Making coffee and checking Steemit in the morning is such a great way to start the day!

My friend just got back from Taiwan and she surprised me with these coffee tea bag things!
I have never seen this type of coffee bags to brew coffee before.
I was thinking these coffee bags would be perfect for camping or backpacking trips


Thanks for checking out my post!
Let me know if you have ever seen these coffee bags before.

Have a wonderful day!!
Thanks for all the support!
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No I did not:) Taiwan right


yep. That is were she got it. Different huh


Hm...A lot different...
I better stick with Nescafe Matinal:)lol

I would like to try that kind of coffee. I love coffee!

Its looking like 3rd generation coffees like syphon or chemex.

yeah.i like this and my favourite..its verry testfull

When I see your blog, then I got very excited.thanks for next blog. @acromott

This is a new discovery for me, I opened a shop for energy-proven products, maybe you are interesting, you can to see on my last post.

thats a great one @ acromott.. i appreciate to your blog
.best of luck..


Thanks for the nice comment! :)


most welcome my friend..

OMG your gifs :D They are so funny :D @acromott !!

Nice! I've seen those coffee bags online before. Was it good? Anyway, you publish such awesomely high-quality content. Keep 'em coming, dude! :)

@acromott I have not. Looks like something great for the office hehe. Love the creativity ! Best wishes :)

Looks yummy. I like cold brewed coffee.