Leaving for Asia !! ✈️

in dtube •  10 months ago

Hey Steemit Friends!

I have some super exciting news! Saturday morning I leave for an epic trip to Asia. I will be flying out with @karensuestudios and @threebagsfull, so there will be a lot of acro fun going on at all times during our adventures!

We will be in Thailand for 4 weeks, Japan for 1 week, and Korea for 1 week!
We are planning on meeting some Steemit friends along the way. There will be a Steemit meet up both in Japan and Korea that we will be attending! I love how Steemit has allowed me to connect with so many awesome people around the world!!

Stay tuned for my vlogs from my adventure! I can't wait to share with you all.

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Will be fun. Welcome to our Part of the world:)


That's right !!I will be closer to where you live :)


Yeah on the same continent ....
Who knows next time in same country, city and so on!
Never say never:D
Cheers to the That....

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!
We are waiting in Japan!!


It is going to be so much fun!!

Which part of Japan do you go?
Hope to see you in Osaka.
How long do you visit Thailand?


I will be in Thailand for almost 4 weeks. We start in Bangkok for two days , then Chiang Mai, Pai, then Krabi area.
Are you currently in Thailand ?

I get to Tokyo February 7 and will be hanging out around that area for about a week. It would be awesome to meet you if you are free. We plan on meeting some other Steemit people from Japan while we are there!

I can't wait! It will be my first time in Japan! :)


Wow,Great trip.
I have business trip on Feb7-13 in Thailand 🇹🇭
Have a good time on your trip.^ ^

You have a new vision - Congratulation to acrolove


Thanks buddy!
I cant wait to share it all :)

I wish I was going with you!
Have a great time


Come meet us out there!! :)

Have Fun Dude don't Forget to Make vlogs there :D


You know it! I will make a ton! :)

You don't bring a laptop or did I miss that part? Have fun!


ah I forgot to show that
That is a must! I didn't forget it ;)

No way! That is so awesome!!! You are going to have such an amazing time! Can't wait to hear all about it, I am so excited for you. Yay for steem and the adventure it brings!


yeah It is going to be epic! Thanks to Steemit ! <3

Most welcome my dear friend, when you come to asia, it is an honor for us, i wanna see more updates about your trip, so i follow you, keep in touch.


Thanks ! I can't wait to fly out tomorrow :)

wishing you a very happy trip to Asia.


Thanks so much :)

I'm flying to Aisa to. Cambodia!!! Happy travels to you

Same I live in Asia dear ..Thank sharing this post..


Oh awesome. where about? :)

This sounds like such an amazing trip! Have fun my friend. If this is what being on Steemit for less than a year gets you, then I sure am glad I started last month. I love it here and hope that 8 months from now I too am able to pack up and travel to Asia. I want to visit so badly, I can feel the connection with the orient all the way from the mountains in the USA.

wow,you are so lucky,it is an amazing thing to visit the big part of Asia in one month and two weak ,really it is an awesome adventure .
wish to you all the luck
have fun

its your won travel.i apricate you for your context.
please carry on...

Wow. That sounds so exciting @acromott
Have safe travels and keep us in touch, can't wait to see your posts from Asia.
I have never been there but I hear and see on pictures how beautiful it is.
Have a wonderful time!!!

Have fun @acromott!!! Also hope you guys get to try out the outdoor hotsprings in Japan :) they are great at this time of the year! Enjoy!!!

I have upvote, very good information, please upvote me, I have not got sbd

That sounds awesome! Great to hear that you're going to meet some Steemit friends along the way. Safe travels! :)

I wait you in Indonesia

Lucky you Asia tourist, don't forget to bring some sushi when you coming back for folks back home @acromot.

Have a blast. We just spent 6 month in Vietnam and loved it. But never been to Thailand but it's on our list. Looking forward to see your Thailand videos!

Welcome to Asia @acromott... unfortunately we are based in Sabah Malaysia Borneo. Nonetheless looking forward to see your vlogs and post soon ... cheerss .. travel safe friend...

have a safe journey and nice trip. Welcome to World largest and populated Continent. Have fun

I'm waiting for you to announce your #steemitcrush !

Let the adventure continue...Keep steeming!!

So jealous that sounds like an amazing trip ahead of you!