Thailand Durian Hunt! Do you like durian fruit?

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Hey Steemit Friends!

Day 3 in Thailand!
One of the things I really appreciate about Thailand is there amazing selection of exotic fruit!
Three years ago I was introduced to durian fruit when I was in Thailand for the first time. I feel in love with this unique tropical fruit. After getting back to the States I remember looking for it in different Asian stores, but could never find fresh durian. Now that I am back in Thailand I had to search out this fruit again!

The smell of durian is...
Some people say it doesn't smell good. To me it smells like sweet onions. It is hard to explain.
The fruit inside is like a soft custard.
The taste is AWESOME. Sugary sweet and kind of zingy after taste.

Have you ever had durian?

You have to give it a shot if you ever find fresh durian!

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Yes of course. Here in the Philippines, specifically in Davao, I had eaten Durian in there.I also like the smell of it, it stirs up my appetite to eat it.It was stinky at first.But once you taste it, it's yummy and you'll get the hang of it.


Nice! I want to go to the Phillippines some day! I hear it is beautiful!! :)

Omg durian yes the king of all fruits so much good nutrition.. The durian looks like a kind also with all that spikes... But what a smell... I never learned to like .. I wish... Enjoy brother 😎 🎯🙏

My favorite fruit 😊

This is truly an evidence of good living
Well done @acromott

Yes I often try durian ... Fresh ...., but be careful not most durian ....

This is a great fruit. i will want to taste this food.

nice super pro.

I see it is tasty and healthy, it's nice to enjoy in Thailand - send to us nice acro photos

nice post....

I am from Malaysia and it is durian season now. I absolutely love durian that i actually wrote about it once in my account. Hope you have fun at thailand, alot of nice food there. Tom Yam is a must-try!

travel is alltime funny with good food
thanks for this blog
i have a little bit knowledge about d tube

I like dtube channel..this food very nice,,i like food,,thanks for sharing your blog,,best of luck.

oh HELL NO!!!!

Some Durians smell like mildew socks!

hahaha .... Don't even consider eating stinky tofu!!!!!!

And don't forget to go to Koh Lipe!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever had durian?

Well, I even have durian tree in my garden 😉
I love this fruit and I can have two durians alone at a time 😆

Oh, I am from Indonesia by the way.
Most people in east asia love durian, it's the king of fruit

Dude this fruit smells so bat but tastes like heaven haha

Nice Video :)

Durian is so popular in Philippines. But since it has such a pungent smell, it’s not allowed in certain areas! I can’t do durian though. Make sure you try mangosteen, lychee, RED dragon fruit (but don’t be alarmed if your bodily excretions turn red. You are NOT bleeding. It’s just the dragon fruit).

I tried durian in Penang, Malaysia fresh from the farm. I liked it a lot actually. The smell doesn't bother me either. I'll have to do a durian review next time i'm in Asia.

I never had it but I'd sure love to!

Durian smells like hell 🔥, but tastes like heaven 🌈