Why I'm Opposed To Forgiving Student Loan Debt

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TRE Student Loan Debt.png

TL;DL – You should pay back what you chose to borrow from the bank or fed, but some assistance should be provided.
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Watch It Here - https://d.tube/v/acredwine/kciihsfarlf

Basic Student Loan Info - https://infogalactic.com/info/Student_loan
Income-Based Repayment Info - https://infogalactic.com/info/Income-based_repayment

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I tried to upload this one directly to DTube, but it's spitting out IPFS errors again when logging in via Steem. If this happens again even if I log in with my DTube credentials, you guys will be getting links to the Bitchute or DailyMotion's embedded version until the issue's resolved.

Also, this was going to be another movie review. But I wanted to get this one up before the primary voting kicks off in February. I'll upload one after Shot Show for sure. Take it easy, folks :)

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