Chaos In The Corn Fields Of Iowa

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I assumed some shady stuff was going to occur, but this exceeded my expectations.
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NYT - Iowa Caucus Results (62% Reported) -
One of the Coin Flips Recorded -
The Gateway Pundit - Precinct Heads told to Take Pictures of Caucus Results – Text to Manager – Who Will Drive it to HQ! -
Clip from MSNBC’s Live Coverage Re: Party Conference Call -
Lee Fang’s Dirt on Shadow/Acronym -
MSNBC - Iowa caucus app sparks election security concerns -

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Once again....

*If you like what Trump's doing, take Election Day off and vote for him (regardless of how well he does in the polls).
*If you prefer Comrad Sanders, you're most likely in line to vote for him by now.
*If neither one is your top pick, vote for another independent candidate, pick one from a third party, or stay home.

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