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I'm trying out the Tamron lens on the Sony a6400 and working out my recorded sound. Being an independent creator means spending a lot of time figuring out gear and signal flow and audio levels. Thankfully I have enough knowledge and gear to allow me to figure it out and I wonder how solo independent creators without some knowledge actually manage. YouTube tutorials I suppose. It's not easy though, and I know from watching vlogs that I enjoy that most creators make it look easy.



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Thank you.

PreSonus Digital Mixer:
Apollo Twin Duo:
UAD-2 Satellite:
Wireless Mic:
Zoom H4n:

Camera -
Lens -

Amaran Desktop LED:
Key Light:

Hi, I'm Cams, a music teacher on the Isle of Arran in Scotland. I've been playing guitar since 1991 and gigging for over 15 years. I teach privately at my home on Arran and enjoy making video lessons and podcasts about the guitar world. I am what could safely be called a guitar geek!

If you want to know more about me and my instruments, check out and

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