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RE: Neoxian City Dtube Contest & Last weeks results

in #dtube5 years ago

So let me get this straight, the #1 reward for this contest is 1000 NEOXAG valued at approximately $2.67 while this post makes ~$14 in post rewards?


total prize pool : 1800 NEOXAG ( $5+) , though after 10% dtube bnf cut. 50% of author reward will goes to Contest host @raymondspeaks and 50% reward will used to buy NEOXAG from market and burn that amount, which will help our token economy. Also all post/comment rewards are burning every month. . We burned 50000 NEOXAG at start of this month. I hope i cleared/answered your question. If you still any confusion/question feel free to reach on our discord channel :

It's still quite a lot for something that promotes your platform. I'd recommend giving the author beneficiaries directly so others can see it on the live post and maybe burn part of the rest of rewards since this does not have a lot to do with steem but with a steem engine token, would recommend @sbdpotato or @null. That's just my opinion, though.

Thanks for your opinion. But dtube don't have beneficiaries setting yet. If they add it then we will do that for sure. :)

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