[Acid Plays] Diablo 3 - Torment 2 level 15

in dtube •  10 months ago

Hey everyone!

Been playing some D3 lately while watching the Steem market go crazy. Felt like each time I started playing it started pumping so I became superstitious and played more often, so far so good.

Been gearing up a bit lately and increasing the difficulty of the game, can easily clear torment 2 rift now for the greater rift key to do the timed runs and attempted Torment 2 level 15 today.

Next video I will try a higher difficulty, not sure if my class is OP or if I'm just that good. ;) :P

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LOL...So, I was not alone on being superstitious ...

Been playing some D3 lately while watching the Steem market go crazy. Felt like each time I started playing it started pumping so I became superstitious and played more often, so far so good.

I was all the time staring at STEEM price chart at coin market cap and it's was going up like crazy. $8.43 is what it hit today. If you keep playing the same level and the game and I keep staring at Steem price at CMC, it will keep going up. Easy recipe. :) By the way, I wrote a post on it. May be, you can take a look.

Steem On!

lol. thanks for playing, you are the reason steem is mooning, don't stop till it reaches $50, i hope your fingers don't bleed though.


hi am a newbie how can i learn how to play this game...thanks alot

@acidyo Lel Play some more man! Keep playing, maybe Steem will hit 20 USD :) !!

Seriously though, insane skills~! You must be a gamer! (kidding, I know you! :P)

Hey @Acidyo, I have two questions for you :D

  1. Are you playing seasonal? if yes remember to do complete the first four chapters in your journal, that will reward you a full set of Uliana's Stratagem - and if you aren't playing seasonal, how come? :D
  2. What are you recording your games with? I've been thinking about blogging about my adventures in world of warcraft!

Thanks for great content, keep it up! I really enjoy watching your vids!


oh forgot to mention, the rewards for journal is only available in seasonal as fare as I know!

Hi @acidyo Happy New Year
A wonderful game and when the level is harder the suspense is increased waiting for you to share the second stage
But I expect you will get higher results

Keep playing non stop for 24 hours. We will be thankful to you.

Beautiful game.
Fans of the series will find that the story is the biggest and most attractive element of the game, and will enjoy seeing how the war between the high heavens and burning hells unfolds and your part in it. But you aren't likely to feel emotionally invested in any of it. The story is extremely linier and it would have been nice to be able to steer the narrative a little based on choices that you make during conversations, even if these choices had no effect on the over all story.

@acidyo, Lol...don't stop playing...keep going with Diablo3 and STEEM.... I heard before late hours next march STEEM will be $100. If its happen we'll billionaire :D

Please do not stop playing, I wish steem to reach $ 30.
You're doing great!

I'm like you.
I'm nolife.
Anyway good plays ;)
Invite You to watch my vlog :)

your creation and thinking is so high sir
i like it
thanks for this blog
have a nice day

What is the fastest way to up a level?


I've always founds having a friend "power level" you through the game at a higher difficulty than you playing solo would be able to complete is the best means of leveling. That being said, if you have no one able or willing to do that for you, just play through the game on normal until you find it's becoming quite easy to defeat most enemies. At that point, feel free to go ahead and increase the difficulty to hard, expert, master, or even torment 1 or higher. Once you find some decent gear (yellow gear is better than blue gear, gray and white being the worst, and orange being legendary and the best gear available until you find complete sets which are green), then you'll really be able to amp up the difficulty! Feel free to jump into some online multiplayer with randoms in a PUG (pick-up game) to increase the amount of experience you gain for even faster leveling! Happy gaming! :)

Glad you are having a great time. I played the game few days back with a friend and it was fun. The environments and effects are breath-taking and extremly polished. The new art style which initial caused such an outcry on the web was a good choice and Blizzard certainly has upped the bar in this regard. But, unfortunately beyond the environment and the effects that is about it. The camera angle cannot be adjusted and you can never get in really close to your character to admire any of the details in your newly acquired armour.

Thank you for your blog. I always see your dtube

Felt like each time I started playing it started pumping ...

Just don't stop @acidyo. Please, just don't stop...

I'm tired of bitcoin news
Thanks @acidyo

I love gaming so much when i want to relax and i like multiple playing.
Multiplayer doesn't really add much to game beyond a social aspect, but at the same time Blizzard has been very clever not to have it take anything away either. Unlike most other Action-RPG multiplayers when you join a friend on-line you essential become part of their game and any progress gained in their game doesn't affect the progress in your game. In Diablo 3 their progress becomes your progress, and when you break ties you continue playing from where the multiplayer game left off. The only downside being that if you join someone who is further along than you, you end up missing chunks of the story, with the inverse being that you might end up having to replay certain sections.

fabulous one.........informative dtube

Diablo 3 definitely has good entertainment value and is worth buying and playing. But beyond the real world money auction house and beautiful environments don't expect to see anything innovative and/or new to the genre or industry. My opinion though. :)

have you played PoE?

LOL. Keep playing my friend! Let’s get it to $10! Play all night lol

A lot of my friends say that I should get into Diablo 3. But I'm afraid that I might get sucked into it and start grinding for items. I use to play a lot of Dark Souls, let it die, and bloodborne. So I know how that is lol

Awesome game. While at first glance Diablo III seems to be a step back from it's predecessor, it's actually more complicated, and ultimately, a more satisfying experience.

I am really glad about steem. Its the way foward.
About the game, Forget the semi-lame beta. This is the real deal. Diablo III is as addictive as ever. A beauty to enjoy with friends and a great experience. The story might not be the best ever, the music not as bombastic as we could want, but the gameplay is intact. And so is the loot. Oh yes. The loot. Well, back to the game we go. There is a another nightmare to be had.

Hey @acidyo, happy new year..
Please keep playing, you might be our goodluck charm😀

acidyo sir d3 is the best game i love in game d3

Although not a good player, the game is more enjoyable

you got it in u man....

Great video!

Lmao great theory.

_Me and my nephew recently re-played Diablo 2. It was still as fun as it was before.

Hey, I think it would be better if you were talking about something while playing. I don't want to watch 13 minutes of gameplay because it bores me :D


I love Diablo3 . Spent more than 3 5 k hours on all my chars together. Are you in eu server? Would be nice to play together =)


Feel free to ad my btag AmenBreak#2552

i love it! Diablo~ so good

my husband love to play like this,but me i dont know how to play this..

Lol keep playing if that's all it would take for steem price to continue its crazy run don't stop please lol

I can't hear you!

hi am new on steemit very nice graphic how can i learn to play this game any tutorial video pls i would appreciate

You are solely responsible for the reason that Steem is rising so exponentially right now...we're going to need you to keep playing nonstop please! Until we reach around $100 XD.

Also your class is pretty decent but there is some skill there too lol.

Amazing.. it turns out not only me who felt like a crazy and fantasized .. until carried away dreams in every sleep I am always playing steemit and as if going to be in an increasingly addictive game ..@acidyo

one of my favorites RPG... is a shame a can't play it anymore ;_;

interesting game, I like this game

that is great work, thanks for sharing..

is this online????
where can i get this game sir @acidyo?
i want to play this game with you sir someday :)

I'm speedfarming 85-90 Grifts as necromancer :D do you think that i could get people to watch my gameplay? /// almost 700 paragon atm

lol i am new to cryto but seeing the growth steem it is going through and how this recipe is used to raise its value. Has me ready to delve into steem fully thanks for sharing.;!! Resteemed

Seriously looks like an anime game or something, this is not diablo by any means

Great acidyo, what Pc do you use to play?
I havent played D3 yet but I might be willing to, actually I play games like P.O.E and League, I have played Blade and soul too.

Have you played those?


I've been playing the hell out of this on PS4.

Please play Doki Doki Literature Club, sempai.

good post waitng for your next post