[Acid Plays] Diablo 3 Rift - Torment 2

in dtube •  11 months ago

We purchased the expansion of Diablo 3 with @strawhat and played it through in a couple days.

Been playing some Rift after that without my items yet being top level and attempted the highest level for the first time and decided to record it.

On the right side you see the progression and the timer catching up to it.


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I like this game! It was my fav game when I was young!

Dig the game play! Have you looked into the game Divinity Original Sin yet ? I think it would be right up your ally. Subscribed, im new to here got a few videos so far.


No haven't heard of that game actually, will look into it!


Penguinz0/Cr1tikal streamed it for awhile on Twitch with some of his friends and were roleplaying for it. Gives you a good feel for the game and a few laughs if you're interested, lol.

Oh yeah, this is a very interesting game! There was a huge number of new enemies, and some of them live, it seems, only in the rifts. Many new monsters are "multi-level". For example, some of them are able after death to open portals to another world, where there are "golden" mobs and cursed trunks that launch mini-events. Other monsters after death "generate" their smaller versions, which are also capable of "spawning" others, even smaller and more annoying reptiles. I'm not talking about such demons, which appear in a fragile form, and then after a couple of strokes climb into the ground to return in the form of stone golems. In general, artists and designers have tried to fame, giving us excellent enemies for destruction. Thank you @acidyo and Happy New Year!

Omg I was just talking about this game with someone today and I was like I haveeee to get it !! Maybe we would play then:P

@acidyo Rift!!!! Trion Worlds rocks man! Holly molly I wanna play right now!
Highest level for the first time right here?? Whaaat???
Crazy skills!


I do no like green eggs and ham!

Ah seeing you run rifts on Diablo 3 makes me want to hop back on there to play! Are you referring to the Rise of the Necromancer as the expansion that you guys just bought?


No the one before that. ^^


Ah the Reaper of Souls expansion. That expansion really made me fall in love with the Diablo 3 End game. The new act is way too fun to play through, not surprised you guys tore through it in a couple days.

Jesus, man. You're tearing right through Diablo III it sounds like, lol. How many hours do you have in it thus far?

By the way, Happy New Years, dude.


Not too much, maybe like 8 hours, had a lot of items with +exp.

Happy new years!


Wait, like throughout the whole game including playing through this DLC you've only put in 8 hours?

I love this game, i play it a lot of time :).

Nice post


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Great game play I love diablo...

BRO! LETS PLAY!!!! Check discord! I sent you my battle tag

I bet one day we can play Diablo in VR - Blizzard will do this... hahaha Diablo 8 VR 3D - Dive into one of the greatest fantasy arcade game worlds.

godd gambling

Diablo 3!!


Diablo3 action role-playing video gaming and seems Rift adventure. It's lot more different and distinct monsters more than other gaming.
But interesting to gonna play and feel great killer adventure.

You have played a wonderful game that has played a great role, you can play a very nice way, which I saw on your video today.

I love Diablo - have been playing the game inn my childhood when all we had was Pentium 4 and Diablo 2, but it was fun all the same! The internet was to damn expensive at that time so me and my friend, like the dedicate addicted that we were, played the game again and again, every time with another character, man - we knew the maps by heart!
I had a little affair with Diablo 3, peeped on the single player for a while on a friends computer and watched some Twich users playing it, it was pretty fun 😊 now you make me wanna play again, maybe I should? Will take a look tomorrow at prices and such and see what can be done...
Thank for the video, it made me nostalgic 😌

Boom! I loved this game when it first came out. I kind of miss the market that they ended up taking away but I do understand why. So many games try to copy D3 layout etc and they just all seem to fall short.

Wow, that looks interesting. I need to give this game a try asap.

enjoy the game than @acidyo. happy new year bro..


enjoy the game @acidyo happy new year

Interesting, love the game.

Whaou ! I have to come on D tube to see a Diablo game ! Haven't played for years lol


I do not know about token. What is CPY token? Tell me grace about this?

your amazing player you look like hero@rastalikelove

Diablo 3 is an amazing game, the difficulty is so on point and it will definitely keep you glued to the screen

Wow very interesting game enjoyed.

What did they add from the original game? Was it worth the extra money?


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Very good progress and struggle. I also play this game but have not been able to reach the highest level.

awesome graphics, It looks like MU game

this is that one type of game thats very addicctive👍

love it

very good i like

That's kinda awesome game man! Will play once i get my new pc

Damn you must be a gamer.

Ye.. Looks amazing... Wanna play!!

Hey wanna run some Nephalem / Greater Rifts together? I can help you farm some good items. 🙂

Used to do that with my group of friends but sadly they've all stopped playing. 😟

looking interesting i will play it one time

omg i think that I played Diablo a while back before a few times! :P totally forgot how though

I need to play more of the rifts! I just upgraded to PS4 at Xmas, and before that, I was stuck with the PS3 version of the game, which can't do nearly as much.

Enjoy the game,,,

Good advance and battle. I likewise play this diversion yet have not possessed the capacity to achieve the largest level
Upvoted and resteemed

one of the hottest game in the market

Amazing posting. Good job and good luck.

Looks like you're starting the new year by having fun :) Also dtube seems to run smoother now and doesn't take infinity to load.

Oh, that feeling of slaying hordes of monsters over and over again.
And searching for missing set parts that will make you overpowered.
At the same time playing with friends and laughing your ass off.
I'm jealous. I haven't played anything for a while.

I like games too much. And i appreciate you to get dollar's of that post.

duuude, I am a fan of D3, tell me when you play !

i used to play it with friends, but after killing diablo several times it got boring over time. i log in however from time to time to check how my chars are doing :-)

Diablo Series my favorite games @acidyo

@acidiyo, Such a superb killing game of diablo3. damn...Being fire...
Interesting one to play. Glad to hear released.

Happy new year!

Dear pleae vote steem82

I wish Diablo 2 came out on counsel I love that one over Diablo 3 but the cutscenes in Diablo 3 are so damn good.
Blizzard kills it with the CGI

If you like Diablo, you might also enjoy Path of Exile. Its free game on steam.

Wow! I feel nostalgic. . Ive been playing this game wayback on my highschool days! Thanks for sharing.

Wow nice game.
Thanks for sharing

Wow very good, you incite me to run away and look for the way to play ;)

Great video games @acidyo to encourage the creativity of the mind

Such a wonderful post with smart video game by @acidyo
Wel done sir..Actualy I'm always like playing video games in my free time..

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My husband and son loved this game so much

I bet you'd like 9 Parchments

Dieblo is Spanish for Devil XD and can someone tell me why every time I search for DTube I get a porn site #Booty

Diablo Translation: Devil

I have been playing do not starve together lately, it is not the same as this game but you can enjoy it with your friends.

Someday I will have the fortune to be able to buy the games I want to play, for now to save money to invest in steemit.

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Hah Diablo 😏 played it like 500 hours... Cant get enough from the game. Best Game after Zelda - Ocarina of time! 😉

This really makes me want to get back into Diablo 3. I have so many games in many games in my backlog that I want to playthrough right now. Have you seen They Are Billions? Not sure if that game is one you would like, but it looks interesting.