[Acid Plays] Diablo 3 Rift - Torment 2 level 18

in dtube •  9 months ago

Getting close to Torment 3 now. Got a nice set legendary chest item in the last run and my DPS has clearly improved.

As you can tell my HP is jumping down a lot faster now, especially on that first elite monster. Not sure if I'm ready for torment 3 yet but will give it a try soon.

I should probably check out my skills a bit as well as I haven't changed much since level 60, could go for a bit more survival mode.

If you have played this game more than me then feel free to give me any tips for my monk, would be much appreciated!

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Getting legendary stuff is a dopamin explosion in the brain :-D I always loved those moments when I got really rare items... OMG I get old. This was over 15 years ago :-) (Diablo II)


Getting legendary stuff is satisfying. Man you should have played Diablo as soon as it first came out...it was ALMOST impossible to profit a legendary slip. The chances were consequently low until they made the loot 2.0 update. It was brutal to acquire any bigger once you played especially back there wasn't even the paragon system nevertheless. @acidyo


Well, I really really thought about it - but in fact, I avoided it, because I know how addicted I can get with Diablo :-D I was a child when I played Diablo I and a teenie when I played Diablo II - I loved both so much... I played them for hours and hours.... Who knows, when Diablo V. comes out and I am a 70ty year old guy, maybe I play it again. In the meantime I enjoy watching @acido s videos.

...Damn it. Blizzard did a great job on this game. Together with Final Fantasy VII - those are my favourite ones!


yes sir that's really.

That's a sick game! Making a thousand dollars in 1 hour for playing a game you enjoy has always been one of my dreams! I gotta message you in private and ask you how the best way in recording a game is. It would also be nice if I can record my friend's that are talking on discord while we play dota 2 because we tend to laugh and make jokes a lot and it's really funny and

Also, I gotta record a game of Fifa and how the noobs rage quit on me and curse me in the chat when I play a nice sweaty online game of fifa :)

Wait what??? Do you have like 30 fingers on each hand? Lol

You're making me miss the game more and more. Sheesh, I really am going to have to revisit it!

looks good but didnt play befor

I so much love your post am #ozumba

With Intel 4000 graphics can I play this game on ma system?

Oh yeah, my friend, already level 15 passed and went to level 18, super. Defeat the demons of all. Good luck @acidyo

You rocking with Diablo 3. Keep playing Torment 3 near level. Great..
Very speedy game. How you'll handle your fingers. Are you god :D

That angel fights really smooth! i want to have a better pc to play games like that. Regards

Keep going until the price goes up. lol

Would really love to try this game...bur ma system wont allow it...crash! lol. Nice one boss

Acid plays unbelievable finger fighting and reach 18 level. Awesome selection features here when I see. You've played nicely like as a 12 fingers handed Indians some god. Lol..

i will try to play

Wow..such a wonderful player..hahaha..
I'm really interesting this game...speedy game...
@acidyo Awesome work...my dear friend...

Hey @acidyo - I did't play D3 since years now. So what's this Diablo 3 Rift? Is this a exapansion pack? looks awesome anyway. Thx!

Upvote and resteem done.

Although not a good player, the game is more enjoyable

Wow nice post. Getting legendary stuff is a dopamin explosion in the brain D I always loved those moments when I got really rare items OMG I get old. This was over 15 years ago Diablo
Thanks for sharing

That's cool. I used to have the original Diablo back, what seems to be about (20) years ago now. lol

If u need help AmenBreak#2552 is my btag. Y could help you push forward on those torment lvs ;)

hey man, nice dtube gaming video, i like this..

just cool

If only I could make this much playing games XD, Time to get the grind started. Love the gaming content, The nostalgic feeling I get from watching you play. I know my comment doesn't mean much out of the hundreds you get a day but please keep playing. #Steemon

Awesome! I recently started playing Diablo 3 again myself! So I gotta know, are you doing some kind of low level challenge? Or a "No Help" challenge or something? I think it would be pretty cool to get in game together. Are you seasonal or non season? My battlenet tag is DAU#11729. I can solo Torment X and Greater Rift 50ish.

GG! We should play some csgo or dota sometimes. ;)

Good nice :)

We have to play diablo together some times.
I prefer Heroes of the storm but Diablo is great too :)

Getting legendary stuff is great. Man you should have played Diablo when it first came out...it was ALMOST impossible to get a legendary drop. The chances were so low until they made the loot 2.0 update. It was brutal to get any better when you played especially since there wasn't even the paragon system yet.

wow, but I have to say I think Diablo 2 is the best version of this series

text is concise and I liked the recording, as always good work @acidyo

Diablo 3 was my jam. I haven't played in a few years though.


I would love to watch these - but I recently allowed myself to play chess on my phone for two days and ended up spending hours moving pieces around mindlessly... I've got a problem :)

Funny story though - I went through several giant Diablo III phases - the final one concluding with a hardcore wizard that I sort of cut some corners on and fast tracked to Torment 3 from Torment 1. Things were going OK at first, but then somewhere out in the desert some dirty lizard gang caught me during the slightest blip of lag and F'd my Sh#t up in about 3 seconds. Haven't played since :/

Moral of the story - don't rush to Torment 3 :)

Diablo does loot right, it's ALWAYS exciting. Nice! Also it's nice to see video game content on Steem! I just made my first post and it's gaming related too, cheers!

Hello man, pleasant dtube gaming video, I like this.A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing it.

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You may want to have Epiphany as one of your active skills. It helps with Spirit regeneration. More Spirit means more damage output. I believe most end game build uses that skill with Desert Shroud rune (reduces damage taken by 50%). Once you reach greater rifts 90+, you'll need a lot of damage reduction skills so that you don't get one-shot.

nice game

That is a sick monk playthrough mate!! Congrats!!

Right now, this is probably my favorite game!

Diablo 3!!!, yessss, dope things man.

Ohh man, I miss DIablo. Need to get back on soon.

nice! I downloaden Diablo 3 too a few weeks ago but still had no time to play it!