[Acid Plays] World of Warcraft - Tauren Paladin - Dungeons: The Deadmines & Wailing Caverns

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We are off to doing some dungeons!

Finally a tank queued up and we got into a dungeon, he was running them pretty quick and smooth. Had a lot of fun doing DPS.

After these two dungeons I'm going to go tank myself and see if that is still fun to do and if the queues are quicker. :)

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Queues should be instant.

As a tank, you can easily get powerful enough to just pull everything haha.

Do you have any BOA's?

Yeah I found some, unfortunately not the shield though so will have to use the one from Wailing Caverns. :D

Great post as always especially

In regards to your cigarettes quitting. You have now huge audience, they are your fans and in some way you motivate them. There is no way back for you to give up otherwise you become their excuse. I don’t know you, they don’t know you much either, but if you can change...

PS: Call yourself non-smoker!

Thanks! :)

Into my 2nd day now still smoke-free!

Keep it up, bruh.

The first few days are the worst, @acidyo! Just a few more days and things will be a little better ;) We believe in you!

Congrats! It's a hard habit to break.

Oh man this post was brilliant!!

But not weird. Definitely not wierd.

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Oh bro, a tank has always been my favorite character to play with. I loved playing Tank back in Lineage II (Paladin) and I love playing a tank in Dota 2 :)

lets us make it a smoke free world from all level be it cigarette be it pollution

nice post


Are you playing the free version or did you buy the game? I'm currently playing the free version as a dwarven priest. ^.^

@acidyo I just love WOW mate! I always go tank myself btw! Damn insane skills there! How's it going with them smokes?

very interesting, surely nice to play dtube

Wonderfull post..
gaming is most entertaining way...
thanks for sharing ....

the best MMORPG game ever !!!! he deserves more money than he has received ...

Can you feel the cold hand of death upon your heart

wow and thats intresting post, for me

Oh! Look at that. That's the best part of the lvling, farming DM. I used to play in private servers, last time i played WotLK and with this post i want to play again, i'm now with Starcraft legacy of the void. Kisses <3

Keep on gaming! I have never been good at video games, but I could sit and watch people play for hours! I have to see if my brother plays this game! He is on his computer all day playing something!!

You’re on a 2 day streak !! Keep up the good work gaming and being a non-smoker

Holy shit talk about a trip down memory lane for the Wailing Caverns. Even the Deadmines too. After seeing those again its like photorealistic memory. I remember ALL of it. I remember waiting so long as a DPS to queue up too.

Queues will definitely be quicker as a tank.

I've never played this game before. I saw you and the game looks fun. I will start playing World of Warcraft tomorrow.

nice game.very excited too.i like it bro.thanks

I always wanted to play WoW but idk i feel like it would sucks if I didnt have others to play with as a group.
Is it worth getting for someone who hasnt played MMORPGs?
I guess the only MMORPG i've played was that final fantasy game from a few years back... tales reborn i think,...

What a wonderful post

exelente mi voto para ti felicidades @acidyo

why doesnt dtube have a 360 kb/s option to view videos for lower connection ;P I think i went into a dungeons just trying to watch it hahaha xD

Nice post! I missed playing that game :)

@acidyo This is great video and professional work

How large is the population on WoW these days? I'm assuming it's not as flourishing as it was in its prime, but it must be pretty decent still, yeah?

Great post, thanks for sharing!

My game master, I can see you are really catching fun. Enjoy yourself boss

Keep it up bra

No pensé que iba a haber una publicación de un juego con tantos votos..

You made me miss WoW so much! I even can't remember when I played for the last time, seems like I draw WoWish much more then actually play the game:(

Jesus, you're still playing)) Don't play too much or at least make short breaks not to hurt your eyes :DD

Amazing post, watched the whole vid with a pizza in my hand.
You're savage! Your paladin is the best ever paladin existed in the wow universe that will save the world one day!

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Dtube great chanel..Thanks for sharing this post.m

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The pretty little axe warrior hahaha wow the game seems pretty amazing I love the graphics too,

Wow .....
Permainan yang hebat saya menyukainya

I love this game, I've been playing it for years but I have not been able to reach that expansion, I'm still in the cataclysm but that's why I still like it, I already have several pj level 85,60,78 and 55
my favorite class are the hunters, I like your post very much, although if you were a hunter class it would be better, hahaha, you still have my vote

I love World of Warcraft. I've been playing that game since first year college :)