Splinterlands 202001152217 - 5 cards rewarded | 5卡奖励 😎 (by @ace108)

in #dtubelast year (edited)

My First season ended recently and I got rewarded with 5 cards. Don't know if they are cool but looks unique enough.
最近完成我的第一个赛季获得了5张卡。 不知道它们是否很酷,但看起来足够独特。

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Ace you got more than 5 cards .... you got 9 cards. The number on the top right shows how many of the same cards you got. They just grouped them together

Ah... thanks for telling. got to pay a bit more attention and figure out more of this.
Perhaps, I should figure to sell the double.

Rather sell look into leveling up your summoner and cards to go up the league and get more daily and season rewards

OK, I have no strategy. just click and whack. :-)
Going to be missing up with the next course assignment building up and thinking of the @busybody project.