📷Driving through South Bridge Road | 开车经过桥南路 😎 (by @ace108)

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After dinner earlier, I decided to drive around a bit and ended up passing through South Bridge Road. The roads around Chinatown was closed for the Chinese New Year market and it was not a good idea. However, though traffic was heavy, it wasn't so bad.
晚饭后,我决定开车转转,最终经过桥南路。 牛车水附近街道因农历新年年货市场而封闭,所以不是一个好主意。 但是,尽管不少车还算交通顺畅。

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are the lanterns always hanging there all year? looks very clean✌️ no traffic jam tonight 😄

No. The place around Chinatown there usually has decorations during Chinese New Year and Mid Autumn period. The traffic expected to be more busy in next few days.

this looks so beautiful wow seems like Chinese new year ahead :)

It is nice. The new year market was crowded when I went recently

It is nice. The new
Year market was crowded when
I went recently

                 - ace108

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