3000 Followers and 10 SBD giveaway! Thank you steemit (ENDED)

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This post is dedicating to all of you who has supported me on my
steemit journey .

I started steemit around end of June last year, so it's has been
around 7 months. Not gonna lie to say it's easy, it's hard work with
so much dedication but I guess it has been recognised by many of
you.. Hence this post.

I want to highlight a few people in this post .Because these people are simply generous and helping minows like me and others out. I know there are groups , connections that u have to make to get involved around here , but since that was something that I'm particularly lack of of , Nor that I have a background of someone who's has high steem power.


He was the one who introduced me to steemit . Without him , I would
have never know this amazing platform, have an oppounities to meet
many of you and able to earn money. So Thank you.


Get to go back to memory lane and make my first nice upvote from curie
by @liberosist, which make me believe that steemit really appreciate
who create quality content.

Read the post here at



I remember replying his comments in one of my posts before I even
realize he was a whale. Although he is no longer active in steemit but
also give me great motivation with his generous upvote to not only me
but a lot of minows in steemit.


Fellow steemit myanmar who is helping team myanmar here on steemit.
Thank you for ur continous support.


He is a mystery person who I didn't even know a person or rather a
bot. Edited: I saw he made first comment so, yay!
Although I don't know who you are but thank you for your generous support and making my days and others here on steemit.


If you are interested on investing or earn side money from other stuffs , he posted really useful tips and articles. So go and check out. I like his articles as now i know where can I get Good information about that kind of stuffs, if you know what I mean .


One of my personal Favourite achievements on steemit has been creating videos on dtube. This is something that I have been wanting to do and never really get the courage to do so . Since dtube had been really kind and supportive for the Dtubers, I forced myself to talk in front of the camera, like for real( ok, may be in some parts, trying to find a place where there aren't many ppl staring). I promise to be better in the future and Create better quality videos. You rock, @dtube!

@sergiomendes @goel.tarun

Both of them have been so supportive since the beginning reading my articles throughout the past months and giving some thoughtful and nice comments. So big thank you.


She is a founder of steemit world map. It's really such a cool idea and has been a great place to display all my travel articles( but sometimes I forget to insert the link) . It's also a great place to find new people to follow and also read other people's travel experience which I really like .

All of you

Of course if you are currently reading this article . I also want to appreciate that you take ur time to read and comment or resteem or upvote. I appreciate and read all the comments And tried my best to reply all of them unless it's spamming .i also appreciate some of you who constantly give comments and appreciate that u take ur time to understand my articles and engage even though ur English is not really good .

So massive thank you.

I also try to help out all the new users or minows with the little money that my upvote worth. One thing I like about steemit is it reward not only content creators but the people who engage and support the content .i know that not everyone is content creator or know how this blogging work, but if you are a really active user and support people from the platform that ur voice matter too. One thing I learn from steemit is that many of us are busy creating contents that we forget to engage with people who appreciate our articles..

Thank you guys for reading . Please watch dtube video below to enter the giveaway , its Super simple! Good luck :)

And lastly thank you steemit! I wish everyone great success here on the platform and also there is one more last important sentence..☺️See you on the moon 🌙.

▶️ DTube

10 SBD... why not me?... just kidding ..... have fun.

you will be counted as you comment on this post.Free money is good even it is 10SBD, nope?

Everyone loves free money :-)

Wow, thank you so much for the kind words!

I think it is important for those that are making a lot of money in the crypto market to understand that you need to invest that money in things that pay you back. Not go and buy a Lamborghini.

Anyone that has made a lot must understand that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to complete change your family tree with this money. You can build generational wealth, but only if you buy things that last and pay you.

Thank u for the advice, it's true.. I see so many people on Facebook always talk about Lamborghini or may be for ladies , branded bags etc may be. Well noted on ur advice.

က်ေနာ္လည္း ျကိဳးစားေနပါတယ္ မမ

Hahahahahahahaha.... I actually love your English, I must confess.... I joined steemit and it has been a difficult journey but worth it.. There are some days where you write your hearts out Nd people don't even look at your posts but steemit has been fun and eventually hard work and consistency pays... I hope one day I'd do a giveaway like this to celebrate 3000 followers but that could be in 10 year's time.. Hahaha... Lovely video and congratulations on your 3000 followers

You can understand right ? ThNk you. I understand the feeling . It's the consistency and engagement! Try to comment much more than your actual post. ;)

I never thought of that before... I must admit I almost quit a few days back, but I made a lot of friends and I feel that's what kept me going till now.... I guess I'd take your advice... Thanks a lot... I'd follow you.. I guess there's a lot to learn from you afterall

What I have to do for enter? I don't listen on video

sorry, it's the point.. please watch the video so you can also enter.

I watched but I don't understand spoken English

oh.. Thank you for watching.. I will improve my speaking engish skills but no worry you are already entered now.

Congratulations on your achievements.
3000 followers within 7 months is no joke.
Started same period with you. I am sure you've inspired me with your success story

thanks a lot. Should I share some of the tips, let me know if you are interested on that post.

Ah :)) I have 3000 also now :)) I hope we have more soon .

that is awesome! I am sure we will :)

Thank you!! And yes :)

Wow, 3000 followers, I just have 4😭😭😭. I am happy for you and I believe I will get there soon.

I am sure you will .. since you are really new here , try to post as many engaging comments as possible. all the best.

Thanks you for the advice and the motivation and believing in me. I will give it my best.

Hello, @aburmeseabroad!

Congratulations to 3.000 followers, I know you worked a lot and I also know you are writing from your heart... However, I am very happy that you have friends who appreciate your work. This matters a lot, to support each another. I like your posts about travel, photography and cryptocurrency and I wish you success in 2018.

All the best for you! Hugs

Thank you very much and appreciate your very nice comment and.. I wish you the same too.

WoW, followers 3000 ေတာင္ ေက်ာ္ျပီ က်ြန္ေတာ္ကေတာ့ 1000 ေတာင္ ျပည့္ေသးဘူး ေရးထားတဲ့သူေတြထဲမွာ ကိုဟင္နရီကေတာ့ င်ြန္ေတာ္တို့ ျမန္မာေတြအေပၚ အမ်ားႀကီးေထာက္ပံေပးတာအမွန္ဘဲ အတိုက္အခိုက္ေတြ ရွိတာေတာင္ အမ်ိုးမ်ိုးႀကိုးစားျပီ ျမန္မာေတြအေပၚ တကယ့္ေစတနာအစစ္နဲ႔ ေထာက္ပံေပးေနသူပါ ေလးလည္းေလးစားပါတယ္ videoေလးလည္းၾကည့္ျဖစ္တယ္ နႈတ္ခမ္းတဝိုက္က မွဲ႔ေတြနဲ႔ ဆြဲေဆာင္မႈ႔ ရွိတယ္ 10sbd တြက္ ကံေကာင္းမယ့္သူကိုလည္း ဒီေနရာကေန ဂုဏ္ျပဳလိုက္ပါတယ္

may be you are one? Yes ko henry has been great, Try to post engaging comments and make good friends, followers count are not the most important in steemit . :)

ဟုတ္ကဲ့ ေက်းဇူပါ

Thank you for sharing very good information and highly qualified. after I read your post, I feel motivated to continue writing and sharing in steemit ... and I am sure you are a great and very generous steemian. I like your post @aburmeseabroad.

thank you. and all the best!

That's great , dear !
It's so obvious you've worked much on this platform to achieve such a paid out.
Cheers !

Congratulations @aburmeseabroad on achieving 3000 folower. best wishes friend. happy to share with you, and hopefully this will be a good start. this post makes me motivated to be a great writer like you ... I feel very confident that the friends in steemit very appreciate the works of other steemians. I really expect you to visit my post and I really hope that I can get lucky and get 10 sbd from you. because it can make me motivated and more excited.

Best regards @kajaya

Thank you. I hope you win!

Thanks my friend. Nice to meet you @aburmeseabroad.

Wow! 3000 is cool! Congratulations on this event and I will be happy to follow to your blog.

Congratulations !! It is wonderful to see how things can change in life with hard work and dedication. I believe your hardwork and success is an inspiration to the newbies like us. It help us stay focused, don't loose heart and keep generating quality content.

I wish you more and more 1000s of followers in the time to come.

Thank you for your continous support. Yes, stay focus!

Hello @aburmeseabroad,

Congratualtions on your 3000 Followers! Good luck to every participant :-)

Thank you very much . ☺️

After I read your post, I am more motivated and convinced that our writing or work is highly appreciated in steemit ... I am a newcomer in steemit. I really hope for the help from the great steemian. be it a positive upvote or comment. I really hope you to visit my first post that is introduction of self. I like your post @aburmeseabroad.

okay.. First you shouldn't upvote urself because it didn't really worth anything yet. Try to post engaging coments avoid spamming. and of course, I will check out ur post! all the best

yes friends. thank you very much for the input.

congratulations aburmeseabroad do hardwork you will get more success

Hello @aburmeseabroad,

While you may be traveling abroad, I am currently in your lovely country! Do you have any good advice for places to go? I really want to go up north to indawgyi lake. :)

Wanna do something of the usual tourist path!

Congrats on 3000 followers!

See ya!

This is awesome , I haven't been to indawgyi lake myself, but u can try Pha an area, Kayin state , and Nga pa Li, they have really old Temples over there. I hope you have amazing time!

Congratulations aburmeseabroad on the achievement of 3000 folower and hopefully the future will be more successful. I am very interested in your post, and after I read your post made me motivated and I hope to be successful like you ... you are a great and generous steemian. keep on sharing friends. and I feel very happy to share with you @aburmeseabroad...greetings succes @nafazul.

I glad to see you.I am beginner.Pls explain me.How do i earn more money in steemit?my account'Name is @stevensoe

You can read lots of articles written by @kachinhenry!

I am interested in your post and this post is very useful for me. after reading this post makes me more motivated and and I am sure all of us must be successful. you are a great steemian and I feel very lucky to get to know you in steemit .... congratulations on the success ... continue to work and hope the future is more successful. Keep spirit @aburmeseabroad.

Thank you. And I wish u the same .

congratulate friend on the success and achievement of 3000 folower. and I am sure to achieve that success is not an easy thing and certainly requires an extraordinary struggle. I'm happy to share with you @aburmeseabroad. I like your post @aburmeseabroad.

Thank u for sharing my journey here on steemit. I appreciate it.

Congrats on reaching such a great milestone on Steemit! You said it took you about 7 months to get here? I'm just starting out on Steemit and your video gave me the motivation I need to make sure I hang in here for the long haul so I can reach a milestone like this too. :)

Yes around 7 months . Yes hang in there, try to be active in the platform as much as you can

Congratulations 💐💐💐

Thank u sweeet 😍😍😍

Better your shearing.

Congratulations to 3000 Followers :-)

Thank you very much!

I've read everything you write. I came to the conclusion that your success in this steemit Not apart from the interference of good people and great people who want to share.


If you post consistently good contents, you will get noticed one day , I promise . But also don't forget to engage a lot!

ဝါး မိုက္တာ

I am newbie. Can you gift a lot SBD me.

hey! inspiring story indeed, but do I drop my comment here? Or do I drop it in the video link? but nonetheless, your journey really do inspire me as I just started, and I'm really looking forward for great time here on steemit, wee!

Thank you. Both is the same location. I wish u the best! It's Long journey , but don't give up!

Wow, congratulations that is quite a milestone, It is very sweet and generous of you of you to give/show appreciation to your followers in this way. I wish you much success on your journey forward, and by the way as far as I am concerned your spoken English is very good! You just made a new fan! all the best ....

Thank you.. yes I want to giveaway as much as I can because of what some generous have done for me when I was a minow. Planning to do more giveaway in the future. And Appreciate ur support.

you are very welcome, if we all "pay it forward" then we all win! @aburmeseabroad

You have made a good video , I participate

Thanks. Good luck :)

congrats for 3.000 followers. i hope someday i will reach your number too. great job @aburmeseabroad

You will be getting there in no time and thank you!

So i hace to watch video

Congratulations and success of the achievement of 3000 folower. you steemian great @aburmeseabroad ... I am very interested in reading posts by you. this post useful and can also make the steemian more motivated to continue to write posts by the more nice and quality.

Thank you.. wish you the best in your steemit journey .

giveaway ended!

Free SBDs? Sign me up!

dtube is best now days

it will better in future
thanks for sharing

Congratulation for the 3000 followers, thous am new but I believe you are once in my stage. I will have cause to celebrate here one day.

I'm sure the day will become before you realize it.. all the best!

Thank you for sharing your precious travel experience with us. I waiting your next post. I also trying like you.

Thank you for sharing your precious travel experience. I waiting your next post. I also trying like you.

Great job on 3000 followers @aburmeseabroad! That's amazing.
To the moon!

Thanks a lot. 🍻🎉

Aw, such a good post. Congratulations on 3,000 followers. I'm glad I found you on Steemit. You help motivate me to get my own big following and I enjoy your travel content. Keep it up!

Thank you very much . ur posts has been great and I enjoy them all .. try ur best to engage more to have more exposure.

Thank you for that. :-) By the way, may I know your name?

You are welcome , my name is Eint .

Congrats on your achievement @aburmeseabroad. As a non-native speaker as well, I know it can be hard to make a good impression on this platform. Keep up the good work! Would love to participate in the giveaway as well :) See you around, @Finance2Nomad

See you around . Luckily for us, steemit is for everyone . Thank you and good luck

Thanks for this post its really true that many steemians that create some great content and quality posts forget to comment and engage others so I am glad you are reminding them. Also so generous of you to Giveaway so much SBD. I enjoy posting quality content and entering challenges and contest to let the hosts know other users are here and active. I hope to enjoy your future post as this is the first post I have seen of yours and just now started following you.

Thank you for following me. Yes most people just replied back on their blog but doesn't take the time to check others , I feel. For me they are equally important.

Great work! keep it up, well done

Congratulations on the 3k followers You deserve it :D

Thank You so much for the nice message. :D I really enjoy what You do and I will be happy to stay here and help as much as I can :D

:P Hopefully will see You soon here in London eheheh

You have been such a great person . Thank you. Yes, I'm starting to prepare my documents for that

Well you really deserve all the support. So j am happy that i have been hwre for you... and i am so happy to see you flying higher and higher ❤

thanks! check out my last 2 posts, I tagged you but you didn't see. I will be glad if you do it . :)

Ohhhh j might have missed them. I will check them now :)

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Congratulations on your new achievement 3000 followers in 7months that's amazing keep up the good work.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it :)

Congratulation for having 3K subscribers. You motivate me to keep my steemit journey alive.

I saw ur photo get resteemed by photofeed! Congrats and thank u .

please upvote me sis

အမကိုေလးစားသြားပီဗ်ာ ၾကိဴးစားေနတယ္အမေရ

ေက်းဇူးတင္ ပါတယ္ေနာ္

Congratulation. Wow it is such a long journey in Steemit world. 3000 follower is not a small number. Congrats ^_^

Thanks a lot. It has been rewarding jounrney .

That's really cool, You appreciate to all your helpers and best users of steemit. It is your hard work that brings you here and success it.

Thank you.. lots of people here has been very nice. Wish u the best!

Congrats on your achievement! You rock @aburmeseabroad!

Thanks a lot sweet! ❤️❤️❤️

Three thousand followers! I have a long way to go.. actually I am good at making memes... My memes are popular on 9gag but I fail to get enough upvotes on dmania.

Steemit is really different and yes it's not easy to get upvote .. Try to make comments as much . Best of luck!

Congratulations! Hope you will reach many more followers :)

Thank you very much .. I wish you the same .

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good post dear

Love your write up. So inspiring. 10sbd got to be mine yeepeee

Thanks. Hope you win!

Congrats on your achievement!
I like your talking style. Well, it's better than mine :D

May be we are the same? Thank you! And Glad u can understand:)

Congratulations :)

Surely you're going to the Moon and we all will tag along on the Steem Engine.

Thanks for mentioning my name though I just tried to follow your journey which has inspired me beyond measure.

And I agree with the part where you say that it was not easy. It surely not is. You have to follow the 'rules of engagement' to be successful on Steemit.

Many more followers your way Ms.


Yes, some days I feel overwhelmed and discouraged. But we gotta to keep up. And thank you I appreciate all your comments , like I say they are kind and I enjoyed reading them. Best of luck to you.

Nice 3000 followers , hoping someday having many followers :)

I hope You have many more!

Congrats dear @aburmeseabroad! :* hopefully I will be here when u hit 10000 followers

Congratulation to you!
You are bright and courageous lady of Myanmar.
Nice to meet you. Thank you.

Thank you very much. Appreciate your kind words.

​ေလးစားအားက်တယ္​ မမ

ေက်းဇူး အမ်ားႀကီး တင္ပါတယ္.

Congrats on the 3000 mate.

Thank you!
Good luck to everyone!

Does this count as entry? :)

You are welcome. Well it does! Good luck ;)

congratulations @aburmeseabroad , no doubt steemit have helped so many people around the globe to come closer and to know each other. wishing you more success in real life s well as here. good luck :) and don't forget to smile while reading this comment :)))

Congrats on your 3000 followers!

good post ; nice post always said Myanmar people
it's true haha

It's a spam comments

I see you don’t have a Steemit Profile Picture I made a contest post to make it simple to do just scroll down Here
Also here is another contest I have going on Here