Unbelievably beautiful Lake Tekapo

in dtube •  11 months ago

Lake Tekapo is a picturesque alpine village in the South Island of New Zealand.

The village of Lake Tekapo is renowned for its extraordinary starlit night skies, stunning turquoise lake and majestic mountain ranges. i hope the video give you a glimpse of how blue the water is.

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Wow !!! Tekapo lake is an amazing lake... Nice video...

Lake Tekapo is an idyllic alpine spot at the foot of Mt. John, on the South Island of New Zealand. The color of the lake’s water truly sets it apart from other lakes.

Enjoy your travel and keep it up in new-zealand...@aburmeseabroad


thanks a lot.

woo nice view and nice shoot

I have never thought that such water color exists. Even it seens that clouds are too low that you can even touch them.
Is this your sister in the video?


it's unreal. no they are friends.. thank u

Wow nice amazing😃

And we still have snow in Russia


In here, it's end of summer, approaching to autumn.

Is that the one next to Wanaka?


no, this one is the one with cute church.


Oh yeah, I have been to that one.

It looks like a really nice place :D


it surely is.

wow what an amazing lake rally love it and i do really love the shot dear you look gorgeous.

The water is very clear and blue with a cool breeze. What a nice trip on the shore of this lake.


yes. the blue color is so beautiful.

Awesome photographey I like your excellent post thanks for sharing only for you pome.....
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very nice poem. thank you.


Thank you so much and one more thing to support me today is not seeing you in the line. I thought for where you went. You have come back to us, we are very happy.

really a very amazing lake., thank you @aburmeseabroad have made this very interesting post.,


the lake was very beautiful.

New Zealand is so nice! Hope I could visit there too!! Huhu


hope you can visit there some day


Yes I hope I can go there too! I'll be going to Indonesia next morning but for work. :(

It was so beautiful and the water was very green. I want to be there and want to enjoy the beauty of the sea as well, @aburmeseabroad.

Wow very beautiful it is .
Keep enjoying dear.
Looking so beautiful it is . i waiting for more pic .

Amazing view!
Neat & clean. The Bluewater is looking so beautiful.
I must gonna visit that village.
Thanks for sharing!

Wow, Great view!
I wish I could also be there to see that blue water.
Thank you @aburmeseabroad for sharing!

the atmosphere is so comfortable bias we enjoy the air on the lake with amazing views

the beautiful lake grows with your beauty so perfect it seems

extraordinary of his natural beauty, if you can get there quite happy happiness..

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Hello dan, just saw this.. I will download Skype now and contact you . Thank you.

Amazing view enjoy dear..nice pics@aburmeseabroad

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