Secret Of Delicious Coffee in 'RH' coffee shop (steemian aceh stall @anasz)

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Hello friends steemian. wherever you are, hopefully healthy always.
this afternoon, I spent time in a coffee shop in Aceh. the coffee shop that I mean belongs to one of the steemian aceh @anasz.

In my presence at the coffee shop, I was able to absorb some interesting things in the coffee shop owned by steemian ace @anasz.
One of them is the secret of pleasure contained in the taste of Aceh coffee.
@anasz coffee shop is a central place to gather the Acehnese steemians who are members of ASC.
The thing that became the center of attention of the local community was the payment of coffee not using the Indonesian national currency (rupiah). but the payment of coffee is steem and steemdollar (sbd).
thus, we can prove that in the lives of the people of Aceh they are still very touching with Steemit. that means steemit is a long life for the people of aceh.
Following this I can put a dtube. inside which contains @abudar activity at @anasz coffee shop. and also seen several steemian aceh.

let's enjoy coffee with steem and sbd at the steemian aceh coffee shop @anasz

▶️ DTube

Welcome to dtube @abudar, hopefully a nice day will be with us, Your presence here is a great honor for us, even welcome again?

Thank you very much you are still with us.

Welcome to @dtube ..

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