Hello everyone! A short introduction and thank you from Cala Millor de Mallorca

in #dtube4 years ago (edited)


This is my first ever video upload to any kind of social media, and I could well be my last depending on the feedback!

So you can be nice, or not, if you just want me to be quiet and carry on with the charts and tables!

Some time out of the house today was really good for me, and a ride along the promenade with the sea by your side is really good for the head.

It's a strange time of year in this part of the world. Cala Millor is a resort town on the east coast of Mallorca, and so with it being out of season right now, it's very quiet and a little eerie.

Still, just moments after I stopped the video and was cycling back on the road, I was stopped and told not to be holding my phone whilst on my bike - perhaps that would have made for a better video eh!

As you can probably tell, I'm pretty nervous - talking to myself for even a couple of minutes just isn't the norm at all - maybe I'll improve and actually say something more than 'hello' and 'thank you' next time!

I hope the sea doesn't drown me out too much

Thanks for watching, gulp.

And have an awesome day!

Asher @abh12345

▶️ DTube

welcome to the land of video. I don't have blue skys but I do have a greenscreen :-)

Thank you @paulag

Yes, the blue sky, palms, and ocean were my distraction tactics - just look and listen to those, the rest isn't important :)

Green-screen us all soon!

Unless you are an ET your sky would be blue as well. But 👾 are also welcome on steemit. As long as you come in peace ofcourse👍

Welcome, @abh12345 ! I guess your first social media video upload can be considered a success :) Un saludo desde Granada

Thank you @herverisson!

Yes I have to agree with you, i'm still in shock!

Un saludo desde Mallorca :D

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Welcome to Steem... Have fun...

Good .
wish you best of luck . Welcome to steemit family just share your mind Articles with everyone .

Ash, I would do this but I don't have a face for video - haha! :D

ha! It's not about that, just need to pluck the courage up! I'm sure you'd be making more sense than me... maybe go for the skateboard as a new angle? :D

*** 😄 nice one on it

haha :D

Thanks it's great to be here! :D :D

what a spot for vacation! thx for sharing the view with us

A pleasure! I'll see if i can muster up the courage for another nice piece of scenery soon :D

YEAAAAAH Babyyyyy!!!! Look out DTube, Asher's here!

Anddd, there he's gone!

nice job man... i still have trouble logging into dtube, so i couldn't vote / i'll get there sometime

Awesome! I like the type of support you give your friends. Kudos!

Thank you!

Still working out what the hell i'm doing - i noticed the 'snap' image didn't appear but i've added one in.

Very daunting, not sure this is for me but worth a shot!

what the hell dude... you're big time (-:

I'm in shock, what a Christmas present that vote is!

Took me a week to build up the courage, you could say it was worth it.

Thank you dTube!

It won't let me upload from a mobile. Who else has this problem?

ah so it's an introduce yourself dtube video, ok, that's not a bad idea actually for me to start vlogging over on @teamvideo -- your one of my gondor brothers! hope you had a super christmas man, what's the weather like over there? hot i hope.

Yeah I thought it was worth a re-introduction on the new platform - my first intro was a year ago when i had 10 followers :)

Well its not hot, but pleasant enough in the sunshine!

Good luck to you!

Good looking bro.You look like a hero .Your sun glass is nice.

hahahahaha! Thank you! hahaha

I think your smiling is beautiful and innocent.

innocent... HA!

bo0m i love steemit

Hello friend @abh12345, i appreciate your this effort. great work nice looking and nice introduction.keep going on,my support always with you, best of luck

Thank you very much @rabeel! Maybe you can try a dtube video? :)

You would have a very awesome chemistry with Dtube my main main, way up sir 😁😁😁😁😁

its my lucky day!

Thank you , and dTube!

Welcome! :D

nice looking XOXO

So cool!!
Nice view!!!

Hey Asher!
Good to know that you are on board!
Let's rock 2018!

Welcome to Steemit. The more you practice shooting and editing the better you'll get! Cheers!

Looking good nice beards

Hi, nice to meet you here on Steemit! Great Post! We can upvote and follow each other! i blog about Austria and Life!

This is awesome @abh12345, it is good to see you on a ride, Is some kind of adventure. I love your introduction on Dtube. You are highly welcome

Thanks for giving the chance to enjoy this beautiful news!!

U're great man! Welkome! (=

As I perfectly understand you. I, too, today laid out my first video. Good luck to you and good.

Как я вас прекрасно понимаю. Я, также, сегодня выложил свое первое видео. Удачи Вам и добра.

dtube stocks went high after that :D

More like everything dropped 20%?!!

you are looking so good, have a nice day...

Welcome to Steemit Asher and Steemit introduced me to term Dtube :) so you are way ahead cheers TJ

Welcome to Steemit!

You really look very nice and smart I'll see your video Dtube. @abh12345

Nice post! You are the greatest. I follow and upvote. Do same for me too.

Thanks @comrade, welcome to the show!

Welcome on Steemit! Looking forward to discover what you have in store for the community :) Merry Christmas

Welcome to steemit! Nice video and I hope you enjoy your time here.

Welcome to Steemit.

I myself am new here on steemit. and to see that someone has his first ever video upgeloud on the internet and it is on steemit in one fell swoop you became a forerunner. I am also new to crytocurrency. But like others, I have heard of bitcoin for a long time. but have never really tok time to learn what it stands for . I started buying in May 2017. I know a lot more but you never know enough, am also a big advocate for blockchain technology. Of course I hope to get to know nice people and of course cryptocurrency and how I can get more out of it. and sorry for my English I myself am from amsterdam. So in advance sorry for me spelling and wrong grammar

Welcome to Steemit! I hope you will enjoy the ride here.it is community of best people in the world.you have done great job.I wish you best of luck!!!

excellent dtube video,really enjoy this first video,very good job
thanks for sharing

Welcome bro

post very useful for me, thank you @abh12345, sharing posts very good, creative ideas in issuing posts very unique and useful, I really liked it, it made my mind more deeply.

Great work and welcome sir! Look forward to more content from you.

Hi brother @abh12345
I hope you are fine
Beautiful picture brother
And also the most beautiful thing in the picture you
I have seen a wonderful palm

Please brother @abh12345 if there is no inconvenience possible some help and thank you

You would have a very awesome chemistry with Dtube my main main, way up sir 😁😁

I guess your first social media video upload can be considered a success :) Un saludo desde Granada

I love your ride man @abh12345. You are the best.

A nice and distinguished man and a business owner I loved it

You are welcome here and im looking forward to great contents fro you.


Amazing post :)thx

Welcome to the family

very good your post.thanks for sharing

I like it.. please vote my blog. Thank

Hey Welcome to steemit! This is a great place to network with other people. Participation is key, so be as active as you can. I have upvoted and followed you. So, please follow and upvote me @pharmacy-jinni

Your first video? This is cool

I would do this but I don't have a face for video - haha! :D

Great upload first up very nice :) keep steeming

How did you manage to get such good sound quality?

Keep 'em coming.

Not sure, I guess iPhones have a good microphone. Glad the sound was audible over the waves :)

I want to record an analogy that I came up with for macroeconomics (floating vs. fixed exchange rates) over the coming days, but my biggest concern is sound quality. If I can get it to sound as good as yours, I'll be more than happy.

i guess it just depends on your recording device, most new kit is pretty good these days. My iPhone is 3/4 years old :)

Nice one mate welcome to steemit glad to have you you can follow me @efetarhena

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Welcome to Steemit @abh12345. Nice to see Dtube user on Steemit. Upvoted and following you. Feel free to follow me.

Welcome here @abh12345 I know you will enjoy here. Please follow me @jonnahmatias1016 nice meeting you.

Happy day brother

a new information for me @abh12345
Thank you for sharing
Please follow me

Nice hair, very leafy.

Looking good nice post

it's a nice video :)

Till this day I am still scared to come in front of the camera but it doesn’t hurt to try something new right ?

Welcome to the Steemit community! 😊

Welcome to a platform that will make u forget other social media. Good luck mate :)

Welcome to Steem @abh12345. Feel free to follow me @kanasite and upvote. Cheers :)

Really exciting when you have a new goal and do your best to go for it. Congrats and keep going, I'm sure ypu'll do it well and you can be really inspiring to people like me.

Hello! I am @billionairehein from Myanmar.
Nice to meet you. B happy.

Welcome!! I hope you'll like it here.

And If you want your posts to look fabulous, please do check out my Markdown Cheat Sheet - the best way to beautify your posts

welcome to steemit

Welcome to steemit! you will enjoy the platform for sure! :)

Wow...it really amazing to me to see you on this video. Thanks a lot for uploading this. Happy steemiting.

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Hi, nice introduction but you forgot to say how cute you are. I am crushing on u, i have to add u to my list of crush lol. Nice to meet you, following and upvoting immediately, you are so cute.

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