Ulog | Sweetest Birthday Gift from LOVE

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I am not a type of girl who is into roses, chocolates, balloons etc. My desired gift from the love of my life is his focused attention and effort. Thus, the immense happiness I felt when he made this slideshow is immeasurable and undefinable. I am really surprised! His effort is very much appreciated.

I couldn't ask for more. I even ask myself, "What have I done in the past to be recently blessed enough? " GOD is so good for pouring me with so much blessings (family, friends and my partner in life my boyfriend). Greatest gift ever

Proud to upload this here on dtube.

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God bless your relationship . so cute 😊

hi ate @abchro sorry for the late response ehehe. Thank you 😊

It's okay @jickirti. Regards ya ko ma'am cpin indai

@abchro awww so sweet! You and your partner so much in love in this photo....happy belated birthday! Looking forward to you newer posts too, stay connected and let's help support each other's pages :)

Thank you so much @miss.kat

Love chocolate. Great video. So fun.

Thank you