Dtube.video not playing Da Video!

in dtube-video •  last year

Lately I have been having trouble playing dtube videos on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac Desktop. I posted a few short clips on Dtube through my account @honusurf, optimized the video, and it still froze up.

Today I tried to watch a few videos, but they don't play at all. Can't Touch this that is for sure!


Here is the other video I wanted to watch but got denied.


If anyone has this issue, or knows a fix please post in the comments.

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I do not use Dtube yet but I intend to try it out soon, but I know that steemit also had some problems the other days and recovered, so the problem that you are facing with Dtube might also be temporary.

amigo #resteemia at your service

better try yotube. missed a impressive video today :( @coininstant

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This is great post.

For your post propagation.

Since dtube is still in beta there may still be some bugs in this platform. Recently Steemit also stopped working.

Dube software

Hey @coininstant
Actually that is not playing my dear friend...please check it..

it happens many times it stuck in between or not play at all !!!

Yes, they are not playing! I think something very went wrong there! Thanks for updating us friend!


@coininstant - One of my friend told me his Dtube video was not playing today.... I think Dtube dev team'll fix it soon Sir.... Useful news you shared Sir.... Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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nice post sir

Technically Dtube have a lot of issues , this project need a strond devloppement team

good information @coininstant

nice post