DTube gaming| Vlog #001:- Live War Attack on Clash Royale, Played by Samantha!

in #dtube-gaming5 years ago

Hello Dear Steemians and DTubers!

Here I'm Samantha Coming with my 1st gaming vlog on DTube. In this video I have played one of the Best Mobile game Clash Royale.

Recently Clash Royale Added their new Feature of War Attack. So I would like to play the War Attack.

In this match The match was draw. I and My Opponent Player Hardly try to win the match but we both are failed. At last the match was draw.

As a gamer, I want to upload my best gaming vlog on DTube for you. Hope so you'll be benefited by my works. I want to do something creative for you guyz!

I am a New Member on this respective DTube Community . So I don't know about the whole rules of DTube . So If you want to suggest me anything then please comment below the post. I need your help to improve my DTube Activities..

Thanks for watching my videos. If @dtube will upvote on my this video I promise that I'll come with another video for you very soon. So please stay with me.. Stay blessed and be happy with DTube.

Stay Tuned to My Channel


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