Break Dancing Rabbit

in #dtiys2 years ago

Hello Hivers

This is a drawing that is supposed to be a quick one but I got carried away with my enjoyment and gave it a lot of my time. What was meant to be a flat drawing was made to look quite metallic because of that nice shine. This is my participation in the Draw This In Your Style Challenge of @shookt. The reference drawing is a cute bunny but I put my spin on it literally. Thus I have a break dancing rabbit enjoying the moment in his garden

Here are some screen shots of how I made my entry
The line drawing is pretty simple
The colors are neon because later I intend to use a dark background to make the colors pop
Here are alternative background
It depends on your creativity you can manipulate the background further and keep adding layers and blend but I had to stop here and select the flat black background. Hope you enjoyed reading my post.

Thank you for stopping by

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