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RE: All you need to know about DTube token sale round #1

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HELP!!! I claimed my account but I don't have any starting DTC to even fill out my profile. No starting resource credits in other words. I can't get my channel going again. I don't use Discord. I like that I can post just to Dtube and not Steemit as well and would like to use my channel. Thanks much!


You still uave 0 DTC? I can send you some to get started dude!

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Thanks @knowhow92 but you shouldn't have to do that. I stopped using dtube due to upload issues wasting a ton of my time. I was hopeful that things were finally coming together there and was hopeful I could use it. Bitchute has been great and it looks like I will just let things hang and stick with that. Dtube should handle these new unusable accounts and not you. I appreciate your kindness but if the platform is still going to be a problem then you would have wasted that gift and I don't want that. I will just let it sit there and see what happens. Either I will be able to use it one day or I won't. I still have Bitchute to post my videos and Weku to embed them. Thanks for responding. I really do appreciate it.

As you prefer bro. No big deal for me to send you some DTC for real, don't be shy if that's the case.
I have never tried Bitchute but I have already "estabished" m name on Dtube so I am sticking here.
By the way, all these DTC's that I have on my acc will dissapear in a couple of weeks when the mainnet will be launched so I won't loose anything if I sent some to you. Just leave a comment and it's done.

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